Everyone needs water to survive. Do you know how it helps?

Do you know how much water is present in our body? According to the scientific reports, the human body comprises more than 60 % of water. This water is not present in an open pond like form but it is in the composition of the bloodstream, body organs, tissues, and cells. It serves as a controlling agent to regulate the body functions and temperature. As our body loses water in the defense mechanisms such as sweating, it is necessary to focus on rehydration with the help of the Coldest Bottle. We should consume foods or drinks according to the daily water intake requirements. Here are ways water helps the body.

Protection for the Tissues, Cells, Organs and Our Joints:

Water is a protection agent for the tissues, cells, organs and our joints. It is also important for the protection of the eyes. Interestingly, our brain has a protective surrounding filled with liquids. It means that water is present all around to protect the vital organs and functions in the body. Imagine a dry nose, eye or mouth. You can easily imagine the importance of the moisturized body. Whether it is external or internal body things, Coldest Water serves to keep things in a healthy order.

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Water as a Waste Removal:

Yes, water helps the body to excrete wastes. Sweat, urine or bowel movement all are examples of wastes. These wastes are removed from the body whenever necessary. In most of the cases, we feel excessive urination when we have more sugars or salts in the body. The human body doesn’t keep extra salts and sugars in the running system. Therefore, all extra sugars and salts are immediately drained out. It is believed that drinking more water relieves patients of constipation.

Water as Digestive Agent:

As a matter of fact, water supports the body in the digestion process. It starts working from start to end. The very first form of liquid is saliva which moistens the food we intake. The foods reach to the stomach where digestive secretions or gastric juices start the digestion process. All these things happen in presence of water in any form. Water also plays a major role in the digestion of fibers and proteins.

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Water as Hydration Source:

Hydration comes as a most prominent benefit of drinking water. Our body requires quick replacement of water being lost during urination or sweating. It would be better to have a quick to access of water wherever you are. This can be done using the Coldest Bottle. The Coldest Water store presents the best quality insulated stainless steel water bottles for travelers and professionals. Keep the body hydrated with the help of continuous water intake from this amazing water bottle.

How Much Water A Person Needs?

There is no standard because varies from person to person. On the other hand, your daily routines also have an impact on this matter. People working outside will need more water than people sitting in the office. Water intake requirement goes up when it is hot outside. In general opinion, a healthy person in a temperate climate should drink at least 1.5 liters in a day with the help of the Coldest Bottle.