This is a pretty cool water bottle. I like the design and the shape and the stainless steel. It feels well made, sleek, sturdy – not heavy. It’s well insulated. Good for clipping on backpacks or bikes or sitting in the cup holder.

I ‘tested’ this out. (It had a bit of musty scent inside so I did rinse it out first). I filled this up completely with lots of ice and then water. I played around a bit and tossed into the sink while it was filled with water to see if it would float. Well.. It doesn’t bob around like some kinda pool toy but it does stay relatively afloat in the water without completely sinking. Then I went about my day carrying it around. I had to run some errands in the late morning and I live down south so it’s still quite warm here. I left it in the car (windows up, during the day) for about 2 hours. Checked it when I got back in the car and some of the ice had partially melted but 80% of the ice was still there and the water was still very cold. I had laid it out on the seat and while there was some condensation on the lid, it did not leak. It was in the car with me for another hour or two. Checked it again before heading home: 75% of the ice still intact, water still cold.

Afterwards, I just let it sit at home (indoors) and then I checked it at the end of day (almost 3 am for me, an insomniac). 40% of the ice was still there and the water was still cold. So it does indeed keep water cold for at least 24 hours. Disclaimer: If you’re carrying this around in the Sahara dessert all day in the middle of summer or something, results may vary.

– Well Made
– Keeps water very cold for long periods
– Wide mouth makes it easy to add ice cubes
– Easy to carry around
– Doesn’t leak (some condensation does form on the lid if it’s hot out, but this wasn’t an issue for me)


Bottom Line: It’s pricey but that’s because it’s high quality water bottle and it works as describes. I’m not an athlete who spends tons of time of outdoors so I can’t rate it on that level BUT if you are an outdoorsy type or you live in a particularly hot climate I think this would be great. I do think it would be great for cyclists or hikers or for taking to the gym and for average folks like me that like to stay hydrated during the day.

Review by on September 25, 2015