So I got this for me to take to the gym after seeing all the great features it has:
1. No sweating
2.. I can fit ice cubes in it
3. Water last longer cold
4. Big size bottle so I am not having to refill it.

I took it one day to the gym since I dont like drinking fountain water, we always buy bottled water and if I put it in the fridge …afterwards it will sweat and the cold will not last long also I can not fit ice cubes and I had to take 2 bottles with me so by the time I drank the first bottle, the second one was hot already. So with the coldest water bottle I can have 2 bottles of water and some oce fit in the bottle and it will last way too long with the cold water. Now even my daughter borrows it to take to school on gym day and she agrees with me. This is a great bottle with a perfect size to own and have ready for when needed.

Review by on October 13, 2015