The Coldest Water Bottle Brush – Built For Stainless Steel Water Bottles, Easy, Safe Cleaning and Scrubbing – 3 Tools in 1 – Around home we have several water bottles, shaker bottles and insulated growlers. They can be a pain to clean because you can’t get your hand inside them to get the hard to reach areas.

This set contains 2 brushes, one for inside the bottle itself, one for cleaning out inside the lid and another for cleaning inside the straw – all of which work great for their designed purpose. I have even used the bottle brush to clean the inside of a mason jar to help remove excess tomato that didn’t come off from the dishwasher. This set is a must for just about anyone to have around the kitchen. It has many more uses than just cleaning water bottles.

Review By Chad D on September 6, 2016

September 21, 2016 — Shopify API