I was skeptical at first when I read about this water bottle and I didn’t even believe it after all these positive reviews. I am an ABSOLUTE believer now. I use to always get Styrofoam cups from restaurants for my water I always have to have at night because it keeps my ice from melting as fast but now I use this! It works and I even told a friend of mine that I would call her as soon as 24hrs hit the first day and sure enough, my ice was still in there and water was ice cold. I have noticed though that if I put more water than ice then it stays cold right at 24 hours maybe 22 hrs but when I put mostly ice and the rest water then it stays very cold well over 24 hours. One day I had the same ice cold water for about 31 or 32 hours. Oh and I really like the customer service emails. That’s the type of companies I like buying from.

Review by on May 12, 2016