Working a long and tiring day? Or exhausted in your daily workout or training?. You may feel some strained or stiffed muscles from those strenuous activities, But you can do something to ease discomfort. Here’s some tips and the best respond to those circumstances.

Feet and ankles are one of the most used parts of the body that supports or holds a lot of weight on a daily basis. Injuries to your feet or ankles can make it difficult to move properly.


It’s common to experience foot pain from the simple things that you do constantly like walking, running or jumping. Foot pain and injuries can be mild or severe, depending on the extensiveness of the injury.

These are the most common causes of foot pain and injury:

  • Injuries that occur from a fall or overuse and are related to sport activities
  • Repetitive motion from a job or exercise activity like walking, jogging, and jumping
  • Sudden injury from a trip and fall

Some pain or injuries are manageable, you can most likely treat your injury at home by following these simple guidelines:

  • Time off / Rest – having enough rest and doing things that will not affect your strained feet will help you recover swiftly. Refraining yourself from doing things even your daily routines like running, biking or working out can ease your foot pain.

  • OTC Medicines – over-the-counter medicines can like pain relivers can help you with pain and inflammations.
    Support – use a bandage or brace to support your foot until the swelling subsides.

  • Cold Therapy – this is the most common used remedy to decrease the swelling, pain and to reduce muscle spasm. Place ice packs on your foot for 20 minutes each day. This should be applied early as possible after the injury and it needs to continue at least for the first 24-72hrs to reduce the recovery time.


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