This brush set is exactly what I needed. I’ve purchased (4) Hydroflasks at full price from REI and here on Amazon. They’re incredible and worth the money. I’ve also purchased two similar style bottles at a discounted rate and found they’re just as effective. I drink more water when I carry my flasks so needless to say I have one with me everywhere I go, every day. They’re effective in keeping my cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. The only downside is they can get pretty foul if you don’t clean them regularly (you’d think this was obvious but I caught on after some time). It’s difficult to clean them by hand primarily the lids. I found between the sweat that gets on it during my gym sessions and the saliva from putting it to my mouth to drink always leaves my bottles stank but now I have the tools necessary to clean the bottles and lids thoroughly.

This set comes with three different brushes all of which can access the crevices of all my bottles. I’ve never considered getting one but when I saw this set, it just clicked and now we’re back to having clean bottles without the frustration of shoving the corner of a dish rag or Q-tip in order to clean the lid.

Review On August 29, 2016

September 25, 2016 — Shopify API