A hammock on a beach for sleeping sounds romantic and fun. In reality, it is a dreadful experience for the people who have back pain. On the other hand, it is even hard to sleep properly on a hammock when it is hot outside. Let’s bring the story to your bedroom. Do you have mattresses in a bedroom? This would be a fun to sleep on a foam mattress but what about temperature. Let’s be more specific about the hot conditions in Florida and Naples. It is impossible to have a restful sleep without having air conditioning systems. Fortunately, The Coldest Water has discovered an engineering-based solution in the form of The Coldest Mattress.

What is the Coldest Mattress?

It is a simple mattress to be used with beds in your bedrooms. So what makes it different? Yes, the term “Coldest” makes it different from other mattresses being used. As a matter of fact, this mattress is based on modern technologies keeping the body cold. Those who have heard about the cold massage or therapy would understand the benefits of The Coldest Mattress easily. Want to see health benefits of sleeping with The Coldest Mattress?

Induces Restful Sleep:

As the body goes towards sleeping phase, it releases some heat, explained by Harvard Medical School. There is a general concept that dropping temperature induces the sleep. The Rapid Eye Movement (REM) is a sleep condition in which the body temperature goes to lowest points and it is beneficial for deeper sleep. This condition usually appears after the 90 minutes you take the bed. Medical sciences believe that REM is essential for muscle growth, tissue repair, bone maintenance and consolidation of memory.

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Controls Insomnia:

Well, if you are suffering from insomnia then The Coldest Mattress would be a blessing. This mattress helps to get restful sleep as it lowers the body temperature. According to scientists, regulation of temperature has a significant role in sleep maintenance. It repairs the nerve systems and brings the blood pressures to normal in order to minimize the impact of insomnia.

Helps to lose Body Weight:

US National Institutes of Health explains the role of the coldest mattress in weight control. Research experiments conducted with dozens of participants showed that dropping the temperature improves metabolism and burns calories. This study also explained the direct involvement of cold temperature to increase the level of brown fats in the body. Remember, brown fats are essential to initiate the fat burning process. Get the coldest mattress now and enjoy the amazing health benefits.

Coldest Mattress

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Enhances Melatonin:

Melatonin is a sleeping hormone. Therefore it is important for everyone. It is believed that keeping the temperature of a body around 21 Degree Celsius helps to improve the production of melatonin. Is it beneficial for good sleep only? No, melatonin is also effective to lift your mood, cognitive improvement, and inflammation reduction.

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