This water container is the best water container I have purchased ever. This thing is made to last. The thing is double walled with stainless steel so if you drop it or bang it into something it is going hold up. It is vacuumed sealed which is great. I have been very surprised in how long water stays cold while in this container. It’s BPA free which is great. The water tastes pure and it has absolutely no aftertaste from the bottle. The top is wide so it allows for a big drink when I am at the gym and don’t have the time to waste on sipping water. The plug fits in tight, and takes quite a tug to remove from the bottle. It holds 21 oz and is great for the gym, hiking, or even at home or around the office. You do not have to baby this thing, its very well built and can take some abuse. If this one ever wears out, which I can not envision, I will be buying another one.

Review by on January 7, 2016