Synthetics, feathers, ergonomic, firm, or soft … So many criteria to choose your pillows according to their comfort and your sleeping habits.

Why Choose A Good Pillow?

The pillow is one of the main necessities of a good sleep at night. Having a good pillow promotes a healthy and restful sleep. We avoid a bad position of the spine and pain in the neck and shoulders at the time of awakening. So, you have to choose your pillow according to the following.

  • Your comfort preferences: firm, medium, soft, ergonomic.
  • Sleep habits: position on the stomach, the side, the back.
  • You may need a specific treatment.

Good to Know About your Pillows!

A pillow is changed about every two years to preserve all its effective characteristics.

Pillows and wedge pillows are not recommended for children under 18 months for safety reasons. Beyond that, we advise you to choose a pillow in Coldest Fusion Weave™ with our Coldest Gel Fluffs. so that the child benefits from the lightness and softness of the lining. It absorbs sweat better and you benefit from its easy maintenance. Often hypoallergenic, they are also healthier for children who have not yet been diagnosed with allergies.

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The Comfort of Pillows and Wedge Pillows:

To make your choice easier, each pillow has a comfort index:

Comfort Index:

Firm Comfort: Good support of the head and neck. It is suitable for those who sleep on their backs.

Medium Comfort: Good support of the head and the neck while guaranteeing a little more flexibility. It is ideal for those who sleep on the back or on the side.

Soft Comfort: For a very comfortable and calm sleep. It is suitable for those who sleep on their stomachs.

Ergonomic Comfort: Ideal to support perfectly the neck and the back and to allow the muscles to relax completely. It is ideal for those who sleep on the back and the side.

How Are You Sleeping?

Do you sleep on your back? Make sure your head is aligned with the spine. Be careful not to take a pillow too bulky. This could create a bend and tension in the body. Experts recommend Coldest Pillow for the calm sleep and fresh awakening.

Do you sleep on your side? The pillow is here essential to ensure balance during sleep and proper alignment between the neck and spine. Pillow recommended: The Coldest Pillow for comfort.

Do you sleep on your stomach? It is said that it is the least good position. So, pay attention to the choice of the pillow to avoid being arched. Pillow advised: soft comfort. Down pillows are also recommended in this case.

You do not know where you move a lot? Opt for at least two pillows that will meet the expectations of several positions or for a medium comfort pillow like Coldest Pillow.

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Opt for the Coldest Pillow:

These Cooling Pillows are best to adapt the weight of the head and better supporting the neck and back thanks to their shape that fills the arch of the neck. Thus, your body tends to relax more easily. It is ideal if you are sensitive to back and neck pain!

If you are used to sleeping with a classic pillow, you will probably need a few days to adapt to the Coldest Pillows. They are100% filled with Coldest Fusion Weave™ the Coldest Gel Fluffs.

Adjust and Fill to Your Comfort: Our pillows come plush and cool stuffed, delivering a medium-plush feel. However, you can adjust it to your specific plush volume.

There are 2 Types of Coldest Pillows:

Normal Cool Sleeping Pillows:

100% filled with Coldest Fusion Weave™ the Coldest Gel Fluffs with a well ventilated and perforated structure; the pillow offers a well-enveloping support and antibacterial and ant allergic protection. Non-deformable and hygienic, it is perfect for a healthy and restful sleep.

These Pillows are based on hypoallergenic and micro-aerated Gel Fluffs. The pillow is ideal when you have back pain. It provides great muscle relaxation by molding the shape of the head and neck.

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The Wedge Pillows:

The Wedge Pillow can replace the pillow. It supports cervical vertebrae. It is, therefore, essential to choose it carefully. First tip: as it occupies the more space of the bed, it is advisable to adapt it to your requirements and size of the bed.

You will surely appreciate more a firm wedge pillow that will better support the vertebrae than a pillow. By the way, this is a subjective criterion that depends primarily on your sleep habits.

The Cold Wedge Pillow provides you cooling relief. It supports your upper body, legs perfectly. If you are suffering from hiatal hernias, difficulty in breathing or having acid reflux, back or neck problems, this wedge pillow can help. It also can be used to elevate your legs or feet.