I’m fairly new to using anything beyond the disposable water bottles. I’ve never cared about anything fancy…until I received an insulated bottle for my birthday! On a 104° day, my water was ice cold for hours! Theeeeen, my daughter borrowed and lost the dang thing! So! This arrived and I was very pleased. I admit, the “coldest” words on the side seemed slightly cheesy, but I’m thrilled with the modern chic organic look. It’s a “thing” now to use this lettering apparently. I just saw boxed water at the grocery store with a very similar look. The black, i LOVE the look and feel of it. It’s a textured feel, makes it easy to grip. The band at the bottle makes this stable in my shallow cup holder in my car. It’s got a nice wide mouth for shoveling in ice and will literally keep ice 20+ hours! (I tested!) I love the healthier benefits of completely avoiding plastics as well as the steel being easy to clean. I had a bottle cleaner brush from my lost bottle so I used that for cleaning. Completely love this bottle!

Review by on October 14, 2015