I am a huge fan of the double walled tumblers that are all the rave right now. My husband and I use them all the time. I wanted a cleaning brush that would work for the tumblers, the lids as well as the stainless steel straws that we purchased. This cleaning brush ensemble is perfect. The 3 different brushes are excellent and each designed for their specific purpose.

The long handled brush easily reaches the sides and bottom of our largest tumblers and thermos-type beverage holders. The horseshoe shaped brush is great at cleaning the plastic lids with their gaskets and different configurations. The tiny brush that is attached to the long twisted wire handle, gets deep inside the stainless steel straws. We use these brushes for cleaning these items, so as to limit any bacteria inside the straws. It really makes cleaning a breeze!!

Review By Smilesoftexas on September 5, 2016

September 21, 2016 — Shopify API