This is the biggest life saver for myself, my fiancée and my son. We have been looking all over for a sip lid that would fit my sons hydro flask cup. My sons aunty had bought him the smallest 12 oz water bottle and it was hard for us to find other types of lid because whenever my son drank it would spill on the side of his mouth and or when the cars moving water would bounce to his nose. So when I had seen this hoping that I would get this and it would work for his cup because it didn’t state for his size of cup but I took a chance. When it came it was long in the straw area but that wasn’t a problem it was super easy to cut and size it for his cup. It was the best fit for his cup. It was super super easy for him to drink and to test it out by tipping it and turning it up side down to see if any leaked, it did not. It was easy to clean and wash. We now know where to get it if ever anything happens to this lids.

Review by Jenjen on December 6, 2015

May 22, 2016 — Shopify API