I give this a 5 star review because it actually does keep your liquid cold for a long time. I take medication that makes my mouth dry. Oftentimes during the night I will need to get up a get a drink several times during the night. The water is always ice cold. In fact, it is so cold that I sometimes will not need to get up again. Cold water or any other liquid is so soothing to your throat and body. This bottle could only be better, if you did not need to take the lid off to drink. One night I drenched my self, trying to get the lid off. I went back and forth over giving a 4 or 5 star review, but the bottle is advertising cold and cold it is! I got this bottle at a discount in exchange for trying it and writing an honest review. I would definitely try this bottle if you like ice cold drinks!
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Review by on January 11, 2016