All the people use water bottles on daily basis. Drinking water is one of the essential things to continue life. There are numerous types of water containers such as reusable plastic bottles, stainless steel bottles, and tumblers. It would be better to buy the green technology-based products. Doctors and specialists recommend these products for daily usages. Actually, these products have better features to protect the water from bacteria and molds. Those who are interested to ensure safety and protection of stored water should focus on proper cleaning. Cleaning methods are easy but you must be careful in selection. Let’s see the ways to clean water bottle properly.

Warm Soapy Water:

This is a common approach and it is very useful. Warm water is frequently used to clean utensils at homes or commercial places. This technique removes sticky elements such as oil particles. While talking about water bottles, it is necessary to be careful about the cleaning and disinfection. Warm water can kill the microorganisms immediately. It is clear that these microorganisms can’t survive in hot weather. Boil the water for 30 minutes and let it cool down until it is affordable and doesn’t burn the skin. Wash the water bottle with this warm water.

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Try Vinegar:

This is a quick disinfection material. Normally, people are using vinegar with a combination of baking soda. It is an excellent option which properly eliminates the infectious agents. It is recommended to find the best materials being used for disinfection of water bottles. Compare the efficacy of these materials with vinegar. You will find the vinegar attractive because of its prominent benefits. On the other hand, it is necessary to choose the best quality and type of vinegar. Which type of vinegar is best for coldest bottle cleaning? Prefer white vinegar if you want excellent ways to clean water bottle and disinfection.

What About Detergents?

Using detergents for the cleaning of water bottles is necessary after checking manufacturing material. For example, you can use detergents for stainless steel bottles. Washing reusable plastic bottles with detergents may cause abrasions on the surface. This promotes deterioration of plastic fiber which goes inside the body with drinking water. However, proper care requires to wash the detergents from the bottle. What to use for this? You can use warm water to properly remove the residues of detergents.

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Try Bleaching Powder:

Bleaching powder is among the common materials that are used and one of the best ways to clean water bottle. You must use right quantity of bleaching powder. Mix the bleaching powder with water. This solution can eliminate all the microorganisms quickly. It would be better to dip the water bottle in this solution for 24 hours. This will clean the bacteria and molds properly.

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