I am obsessed with water bottles! I try so many and yet regularly use only a few. This is due to convenience, look, how they keep my drink cold, etc. The problem I have with most steel insulated bottles is that they look large on the outside, like they would hold a lot of water, yet the inside is very small and holds an insignificant amount of liquid.

This isn’t the case with this water bottle. It is very large on the inside and the spout is wide enough to put ice cubes in it. I don’t like when the spouts are too small to put ice in. The color and style is nice, though I wish the brand name would be a bit smaller. It is easy to hold/hook on to something and easily/securely screws on and off.

It kept my drink cold ALL DAY! And, there were still ice cubes in it! Most of my other bottles, though the companies boasted that they do, do not keep it cold to the end of the day. Overall I love this bottle and know it will be one of my staples! It is also very durable and great quality.

Review by on January 7, 2016