History of backpacks is difficult to study. As a matter of fact, it was never considered an important thing for the daily life. Modern backpacks are present in a completely perfect design. How these designs were invented and what were the reasons? It would be interesting to find the reasons behind the modification of backpacks. The Growler Backpack is considered a perfect load carrying option for the users in various fields. For example, it is commonly used by the hikers, travelers, fishermen, and athletes. Let’s see how modern backpacks were developed.

Back For Loads:

Looking back in the ancient times clearly gives evidence of using back to load weights. People traveling or working used to load the weights on their backs. Whether you see the ancient Egyptians working in the deserts or red Indians in North America, there will be pictures as well as paintings (on the walls of caves or tombs) showing people carrying things on the back. However, there was no concept of using belts or straps to ensure a strong grip. Hands were the only source to stabilize the weight on the back.

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Boxes Appeared:

With the passage of time, people learned that using a box to carry weights would be easier than putting on bare backs. This was a remarkable invention as it was useful for the long distance traveling as well as industrial purposes. Different types of materials were introduced to prepare boxes to carry weight. Wooden boxes were more common. No doubt, this technique was useful but it added extra weight on the back. Animal skin was also used to prepare leather bags. In fact, it was the start of Backpack development.

Straps Stepped In:

Straps were added to the leather bags first. This was a tremendous invention as it helped the users to carry leather bags easily. It also helped to divide the weight on shoulders, back and lower back.

How Was Growler Backpack Developed?

The Growler Backpack is a product developed in the recent years. It is based on the same idea but it has several modifications. Unlike commonly available backpacks, it has several side pockets. There is a central chamber too. This chamber is helpful to keep the electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets, and data cables.

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The Growler Backpack comes with a variety of load management options. It has multiple pockets allowing the users to keep things separate. It has added an ease of packing according to the requirement. Now you can keep frequently used things outside the backpack inside pockets. For example, travelers need Coldest Water Bottle frequently to drink water from it. Keep it outside in the side pocket. This is good when you are traveling or hiking outside.

Weather Resistance:

It was very important to make the Growler Backpack resistant against environmental conditions. Our engineers have provided a rain jacket with it. Travelers can cover the entire backpack with this rain jacket whenever necessary. It means that you don’t need to buy rain jackets and keep them inside the Growler Backpack.