The Coldest Shaker Bottle VS Contigo Fit Shaker Bottle

Are you looking for a shaker bottle that you can use for your fitness journey or for everyday use? Confused about which shaker bottle to use because there are so many available? This topic may help you decide when to buy one.

People have their own preferences when buying things, and they usually buy what is best for them, or what’s within their budget, or just because of the trend. Customer preferences are also the guidelines, likes, dislikes, motivations, and interests that significantly affect purchasing decisions.

Here’s a quick review of two shaker bottles.

Disclaimer: All content in this video are for informational and entertainment purposes only and does not constitute certified or licensed experiment. Any content in this video should be considered expressions of opinions and not statements or facts. Feel free to perform your own experiments and make your own opinions.

In this short experiment, both bottles were filled up with ice and water, and then waited 24 hours to check the temperature of the bottles. They have a 48 degree difference, but it’s not that bad because the Contigo Fit bottle was obviously made of BPA-free plastic and The Coldest Jug was made with 3 layers of insulation, which means the ice and water will stay longer.

Both bottles have a minimalist look and have a variety of colors to choose from. Remember that easy-to-carry handles are a must knowing that people everywhere are carrying their personal bottles to reduce the use of plastic and also for personal hygiene purposes, and yes, both bottles have that feature.

The durability of both products depends on how a person uses them. Whether it is made of plastic or stainless steel, you should take care of it or follow the user guide so that the product will last longer.


The Contigo Fit Shaker Bottle

⦁ BPA-free plastic bottle

• Comes in different colors

The Coldest Shaker Bottle

⦁ 3 Layers insulation stainless steel

⦁ Soft landing base

⦁ Extended handle for easy handling

⦁ Blender top with leak-proof chug lid

⦁ Quick release cap

*This product is not yet available in the market, but it will be launch soon. You better watch out.

This review is only a guide and we encourage you to do your own evaluation or assessment of every product to know what’s best or fit for your needs. Try to read product reviews or watch influencer reviews. This will help you decide on buying a product. In that way, you can be sure that you will enjoy the product that you purchase.