There are plenty of ways to clean our surroundings even when we’re on a hectic schedule. Us humans, tend to be very messy from time to time. We sometimes forget to clean up as we are busy with either work or school assignments. So it’s very hard to clean our surroundings while busy. However, there are ways to do it while busy.

One way to clean our surroundings on a very hectic schedule is that once you enter the house, take off your shoes. Bringing your shoes in with you in the house can lead to outside dirt getting in your house which leads to dirty floors and carpets. Having dirty carpets can lead to a high chance of allergies. Another way to keep your surroundings clean is to make your bed right after you wake up. Making your bed not only makes you look cleaner but also lets you know that you have accomplished a task for the day. It gives you the mindset to work harder throughout the day.

Investing in air fresheners is also one way to clean our surroundings. It makes bad odors go away. Not only does it cleans the air around you but it also gives you health benefits as well. Such as helping you with breathing problems and migraine.

The third way to keep your surroundings clean is to divide tasks into daily habits and weekly chores. This makes you more efficient in all the cleaning you do. It lets divide your time into cleaning and your work/school. As your walking back home from school/work, it won’t hurt to pick up a few pieces of rubbish we see on the pathway we’re walking in. Keeping our surroundings clean is not only for our room or house. But also for our earth. As to decrease pollution. Picking up rubbish at the side can make a lot of difference in the world and our surroundings. So while walking don’t hesitate to pick up some rubbish and throw it in the nearest trash can. It helps the earth even if it’s just a little bit.

Prioritizing cleaning is also something we can keep in mind to keep our surroundings clean, even though we are busy because of work or school. We should also prioritize cleaning as if it’s a part of our lives. It’s as important as work because being clean can affect our health a lot. The last and foremost way of keeping clean is putting things away immediately right after using them. Doing so can help you reduce wasting time. Because once you got your things and you put them somewhere else. You need to go back and get it and put it back in it’s rightful place, sometimes we even forget where we put our stuff. So putting them in one place is a more easier way to keep things and keeping clean.

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