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7 Tips That Make You Sleep Well



Everybody sometimes suffers from a bad night with a little sleep.
However, if you feel tired and hungry often, having trouble falling asleep or waking up during the night, it may be an idea to review your everyday life – and your bedroom stuff including Mattress and Pillow.

These tips turn sleeping perfect and bring more energy for routine work by keeping you fresh and healthy!

Up to a quarter of us get tampered with recurring sleep problems. It is worst for all women aged 30-50. Deprive of one night’s sleep is usually aggravated for the day after. It can sometimes develop into a vicious circle where stress developed and you are not being able to sleep. It makes you sleepless.

Here you will get 7 tips to maximize your chances of good sleep time – You can test it today!


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Create a Relaxing Setting of the Bedroom:

Is your bedroom been transformed into a storage space, where neither style nor taste has room for advice? Even if you do not spend a lot of time in your room, this room is just as important as the rest of your home and can either be a luxurious haven that invites you to sleep or a stress moment where relaxation is impossible.

✓ It is important to use a better Mattress and Pillow for a comfortable sleep.

✓ Select a base paint that you paint on walls and reappear on covers, pillows, and carpets. Choose curtains in a shade that harmonizes for a tight look, or pattern if you like to protrude. However, avoid mixing patterns and insert the base color into the pattern.

✓ Wood gives both an interesting look and a harmonious feel but keeps you in a wood for a calm look.

✓ Avoid sharp light sources and apply a dimmer or a color-changing LED. Place table lamps on the bedside table, window sill and chest of drawers.

✓ Invest in a bedside table to get a more embroidered feel and do not forget a luxurious cover.

✓ If you want a homey room, you can hang up posters or photographs, preferably in black and white. Choose the same frames in different sizes to avoid too many visual impressions.

✓ Apply to luxurious and soft materials such as velvet and linen, which invite you to sleep.

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Exercise More:

The combination of fresh air and motion is unbeatable. Do it until get tired. Try exercising every day for at least 30 minutes and preferably outdoors to increase the chance of a good sleep at night.

Stroll in the woods, read a book in the sun lounger on the balcony or take a long bike ride for increased tiredness.

The daylight affects your inner clock. If you want to sleep well at night, make sure to have daylight before lunch, which is easy during summertime. But during the summer, the risk is high for the person who has sleep problems – or shifting jobs – instead of being disturbed by the light. Blurring the room is therefore important.

If you sleep best when it is dark, you should use a heavy curtain. You can choose a curtain with specially painted fabrics, a double curtain rod or two-track curtain rail.

Whichever curtain you choose, make sure it hangs as close to the window as possible, and a little bit outside the window frame. Then it will be as dark as possible.

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Avoid Fatty Foods Before Bedtime:

Avoid heavy and fatty foods and caffeine found in both coffee and tea before bedtime.

✓ Drink a cup of tea that makes you sleepy – or eat a handful of almonds. They contain both magnesium and the amino acid tryptophan, which makes you relaxed and stabilizes your heart rate.

✓ Both oatmeal and cherry contain melatonin which makes you sleepy and protects against cancer.

✓ Fish like tuna and salmon, as well as garlic and pistachios, are rich in vitamin B6, which your body needs to produce melatonin and serotonin.

Relaxed Atmosphere:

Make your phone silent just before bedtime. If it is on, it can create stress and make you more alert and tired.

Instead, read a newspaper or book and limit yourself to 30 minutes.

Also, try relaxing exercises that you do in bed after you quit. There are also sleeping pads to download with exercises and tips and advice.

Evaluate the Temperature of the Bedroom:

The room temperature should be normal. Neither it is too cold or too hot. Your bedroom should have the right temperature for good sleep. Be sure to weigh properly before bedtime to create a fresh sleeping climate.

Do you have a bed party who is ice cold while you cook yourself – or vice versa? The one who is frozen is best in sleeping in pajamas so that the one who is warm can choose a cool blanket. If you prefer down comforters, select one with lower gram weight, which is then cooler.

Always use the fine mattress and perfect pillow to sleep. It will certainly help you to have the better sleep every night. By this way, you will be ready to do the jobs the next day perfectly. This routine will also keep you healthy.

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Cooling Mattress and Pillows:

Which type of mattress and pillows do you prefer to sleep? Find your favorite here!

Become your Own Best Friend:

Think about if there is something that stresses or worries, which may be behind your sleep problems. But also learn to live after the clock: Get up at the same time, whether you are unemployed or working and go to bed the same time every day.

Also, consider whether you are a person who needs to sleep 8 hours – or if you have been on the myth of 8 hours of sleep? Different people sleep for a long time and everything between 6 and 9 hours is normal. Find out how many hours you just need to perform at the top of the job and after that.

Also, keep in mind that it is normal to wake up to five times a night – only you fall asleep at once.

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