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Healthy Sleeping – Here’s How to Adopt the Trend

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The Coldest Water Company is ready to provide clean & healthy sleeping during 2019 and so on. They have used the latest technology to make Quality Mattress and Best Pillow. You would be crazy not to go there too! Here are some tips to get healthy sleep.

Electronic Devices At Bedtime is Forbidden :

If you want to get better sleep to put off all the gadgets – tablet, TV, laptop, and phone. When you reach to your making them out of reach or keep out of the room. The blue rays produced by the displays interferes with your internal clock by keeping the brain ready to act at a time when it should be asleep, according to the study by Brigham and Women’s Hospital (Boston). It can lead to insomnia and it’s bad for your health in general, say the researchers. Instead of putting yourself on the phone under the pretext of relaxing at night, put all the electronics items on a charging place in a separate place and pick up an interesting book (not too exciting, maybe!).

Do Exercise in Morning for Better Sleeping:

Want to sleep even better when you turn off the lights? Sweat! Morning exercise is a simple and powerful way to get you to the land of dreams, a study available in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine. Do not expect it to work overnight, says researcher Kelly Glazer Baron, Ph.D., a behavioral clinical psychologist at Northwestern University. Going to the gym tomorrow morning will not necessarily improve your sleep that night. What is important is consistency, she explains. Participants during the study who did moderate-intensity exercise (brisk walking) only for 30 minutes in the morning, three or 4 times during a week, had better sleep.

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Throw Away Noisy Alarm Clock:

If you are waking up to the horrible sound it makes in your ears would it be an essential item of our present times? May be not! The circadian rhythms of your body are perfectly adjusted to regulate the sleep and your awakening on the Quality Mattress and Best Pillow. If you are able to open your eyes not with the alarm clock, but because you are at a certain point in the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, you will have a better night of rest and more awakening. Nice! It is as per a study in 2015. And it’s not mismatched with a job from 9 – 5. Find out the time you want to sleep and wake up as you would expect with this calculator of sleep time. It’s super simple. There are several gadgets that wake you up gently when their sensor determines that you’re ready to get up (try the Sleep tracker sleep monitor).

Diminish your Cell Phone Use:

It is really a sin to sleep with your mobile or smart watch beneath the pillow, but your time of daily use could also affect the quality of your sleep. In case, you spend more time on your phone screen during the day, the less you sleep at night, according to a study published in a scientific journal. Still worse, the quality of your sleep is less, add the researchers. They also advised that always use Quality Mattress and Best Pillow.

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Take Light Meals for Better Sleeping :

A quality diet and health goes hand in hand with a pure and healthy sleep. If you are too excited to sleep well and too sleepy to work during the day, your insomnia may be partly related to what you eat. Alcohol and caffeine, as we know, interfere with sleep, but we must go further. A study available in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine showed that if we do not eat enough fiber during meals, our sleep is lighter, shorter, more disturbed and less restorative. Another study from the University of Adelaide brings to notice that high-fat meals lead to sleep troubles at night while making people sleepy at some point in the day.

Embrace Yourself And Make Peace Before Going To Bed:

It’s a good idea to follow the old advice of making love to your partner on Quality Mattress and Best Pillow. Never go to bed with anger. Who don’t feel loved or loved by their partner are likely to experience insomnia. A study conducted revealed in Social Personality and Psychological Science. On the contrary, people who are lucky to have a spouse who responds quickly to their sexual needs sleep better and longer. “Our data indicates that individuals who have receptive partners are less anxious and have more sexual desire, which improves the quality of their sleep.” This commentary to the Society for Personality and Social Psychology comes from the lead author of the study, Emre Selcuk, Ph.D., a developmental psychologist at the METU (Turkey).

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For a Better Sleep Buy Quality Mattress and Best Pillow:

Give Yourself a Quality Mattress and Best Pillow with Cool Sheets

Is there something more enjoyable than slipping in soft, newly laundered bed sheets on a quality mattress and leaning your head on a best pillow? If you are taking the time to prepare your sleeping room will really help you lighten up and relax. A number of people think that a change of pillow makes difference. Insomniacs rediscover sleep with the Coldest Night Pillow, made of cool memory foam oxygenated and covered with a silk (antibacterial, hypoallergenic and washable). It perfectly supports the head in all positions. Finally, if you have no talent for interior decoration, do not worry. What matters is to create the just right environment for you.


Close all the Lights for Better Sleeping:

No nightlight or light in the bathroom or light clock. You need absolute darkness for deep sleep in your bedroom on the Quality Mattress and Best Pillow, according to research conducted by a medicine company of Washington USA. And from dusk, your body begins to need less clarity. Exposure to electric light between sunset and bedtime decreases melatonin levels in your body. You have more difficulty in sleeping and sleep less quality, according to this study. Street lighting in the streets can also affect you. If you wake up often, close all light sources in the bedroom and buy opaque curtains. You do not want to do that? Turn to an elegant eye mask.

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For a Better Sleep, Remove Your Lenses Before Sleeping:

Never Sleep With Your Lenses

You are so tired when you go to bed that you do not have the courage to put on your pajamas, let alone remove your contact lenses. Stop it immediately, recommends optometrist Tanya Gill, founder of We Love Eyes. (In any case, remove your lenses, for the pajamas, it’s all about you!) Sleeping with your lenses will irritate your eyes (which will turn red); at worst, you risk getting an infection, she says. And then, as long as you’re near the wash basin, take a few seconds to clean your face, because makeup is bad for the skin and your eyes, she explains. Pass at least one wipe over your face, such as Yes to Cucumber Cleansing Wipes. No Sleep on your Quality Mattress and Best Pillow.

For a Better Health, Do Not Sleep On the Stomach:

Changing your sleeping position is very difficult for some. It is not easy. But your position may affect the quality of your sleep. The sleeping on the side “empties the brain” more effectively and protects against memory loss including degenerative diseases. It is revealed in a study reported in Neuroscience. Sleeping on the back prevents wrinkles; it is according to our beauty experts. Beauty or Brain, the choice is yours, but the thing is very clear – do not sleep on stomach. (Previous research has shown that lying on your stomach can create problems to back and neck in the long term).

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To Sleep Better, Set Up A Sleep Ritual:

Follow the Same Bedtime Ritual:

A hot drink, a kiss and a story are not just a recipe for toddlers. Adults also need a bedtime ritual, a study by (BYU) Brigham Young University. Researchers have found that the solution to a good sleep – is not it said to sleep like a baby? – is to lie down and always get up at the same times (including weekends!). As a bonus, study participants lost body fat and weight. Put reading, meditation, prayer and an infusion in your bedtime ritual. Always use Quality Mattress and Best Pillow. It will relax you before taking you to the land of dreams. Your mind and body will be trained to recognize those moments of bedtime that will promote a smooth transition to drowsiness.

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