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Sleep is one of the parts of the Mental Health Order, and it is probably easy for most to take care of. Most of us realize that we can’t manage without sleep. But for a number of decades, sleep has been downgraded and people boasting that they sleep for up to 4 hours a night are hero-declared. It gives dangerous signals. Sure, there are people who manage 4 hours sleep per night. But they are unusual. There are those who need 12 hours a night. They are also unusual. Most of us still need 7-8 hours of sleep, every night with a perfect pillow.

Recently, I listened to a number of interesting researchers during Brain Day in Stockholm, organized by the Brain Fund. Jonathan Cedernaes, doctor and researcher at Uppsala University, appointed the sleep to “Brain’s Guardian Angel”. I think that sounds so nice, it says a lot. We are sleeping with a lot of weight in our brain. To achieve a calm sleep you need a perfect pillow.

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Sleep Well for Better Health:

Sleeping is like handing in for repair and maintenance. During sleep on a perfect pillow, the immune system is able to safe healthy viruses, kill bacteria, heal wounds and repair muscle bursts. Structural processes are also free to harden, for example, the pituitary gland releases growth hormone that repairs damaged cells and bone tissue, and this happens during sleep throughout life.

Recent research also indicates that sleep causes new brain cells and that our oligodendrocytes double during sleep. The latter are support cells that are important in forming myelin, the fat surrounding the transmitting part of the brain cell, the axon. Myeline thus has a great deal of importance for the brain’s communication, that signals between different nerve cells occur and how fast it goes. It is important to have a perfect pillow for calm sleep.

An interesting study indicates that the vaccine has a worse effect on people who have slept “too little”. 125 healthy women and men were vaccinated against hepatitis B and found that it was 12 times more common than the vaccine had no effect on people who slept less than 6 hours/night compared to those in the study who slept more than 7 hours. (Holone No. 3, 2012).

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Importance of Sleep:

Sleep is important for our development in many ways. During some parts of sleep, there is a lot of activity in the brain to store memories, consolidate learning, interpret messages and process emotions. Sleep quality is very important for these processes. A study found that people with sleep apnea, who have many disruptions in their sleep, had less ability to perform a series of keyboard pressures they learned during the day compared to a control group. The control group consolidated its ability while sleeping. It is recommended to use a perfect pillow to have a better sleep.

It’s absolutely amazing! We should really embrace sleep that helps us navigate in a fast-paced society. Instead, we risk losing it for the same reason. And sure, the temptations are many in our 24/7 society. The average American sleeps just under 7 hours a day. Just below the normal requirement. It sounds okay, but we should take into account that insomnia is accumulating. And we can comfort ourselves in getting lost sleep quickly. It is possible to practice their ability to take the tricks or power naps as popularly called. As usual, exercise, patience, and a perfect pillow.

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Never Compromise on Sleeping Hours for Health Reason:

So if you sleep too little, it’s better to rest during the day than just driving. But note that an 8 hour/night gives more athletic ability, better performance and facilitates weight loss compared to 6 hours/night. Maybe you are in the wrong place? In any case, never forget to carry your perfect pillow to have a calm sleep.

We have different sleep stages that dissolve each other in cycles during sleep. It is mainly the deep sleep (SWS) and REM, rapid eye movement that is important to the brain. During the SWS, which reaches 80% during the first half of the night, the brain is relatively inactive and there is a lot of repair and build-up in the central nervous system and the body.

REM sleep occurs more often during the second half of the night. It is below the one we dream and the brain processes the impression and sorts fresh memories. We’re lucky we are most touched; the body muscles are largely disconnected, so we can’t live our dreams physically.

Stressed people spend more time in the REM stage and thus get worse cell repair and recovery, which often leads to injuries and infections. They also wake up more often during the night. To reduce such a situation, you are recommended to use a perfect pillow for calm sleep.

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Use the Perfect Pillow for Sleeping and avoiding Fatal Deficiencies:

What effects can stress get when we know that less than 6 hours of sleep increases the risk of mortality, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and numbness? Sleep deficiency is, according to many researchers, more fatal than nutritional deficiencies. Ensure your sleep routine on a perfect pillow.

Our guardian angel needs some help to watch over us. Stir your body on the days, that is, exercise. It should not be too intensive and preferably more than 2 hours before you go to bed. Give your guardian angels regularity and peace in the evening. Do not sit on a computer screen until just before bedtime. The light from the screen can interfere with your melatonin production, which is an important hormone for the very sleepiness. The diet also affects melatonin production. Bad diet causes poor sleep. We will not overeat and not hungry. Use the perfect pillow (Coldest Pillow) for Calm sleep.

Sleep Perfectly!

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