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Best Ice Pack for ACL Tear Recovery

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Best Ice Pack for ACL Tear Recovery

All you need to know about Sports Injuries: The complete guide

Everyone might have come across a wound, an ankle sprain, a torn muscle while in action. Sports Injury most commonly occur during a sport or while exercising. Over 3 million avid competitors under 14 experience it annually. Sports Injuries happen due to lack of proper training or insufficient warm-ups which can be easily treated using the Best Ice Pack for ACL Tear recovery.

What causes sports Injuries?

Lack of proper training, improper equipment or lack of conditioning or flexing the muscles are the root cause of major sports injuries. Most common type of sports injuries include

Muscle sprains and strains
Ligament and tendon tears
Joint dislocation
Shin Splits
Sprains and Strains

A sprain is a tear of your ligament. Ligaments are soft tissues that connect one bone to another. Sudden and quick actions like jumping, an unexpected fall or a blow to the knees or elbows may tear the ligaments, thereby causing sprains. Sprains can range from first degree to third degree where the ligament is completely torn. During a third degree ligament tear, your body may experience maximum discomfort thus making you immobilize immediately. Applying Best Ice Pack for ACL Tear recovery may be the first thing you may want to do.

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Strains, as the name indicates, when maximum force is exerted to the tendons or tissues connecting the muscles and bones, it tears off. Unbearable pain, loss of strength and muscle spasm are some of the symptoms to look for if you experience a strain.
Shin Splits

Shin splits means you feel pain on your tibia along the shine bone. Shin Splits are a common injury for athletes (runners) especial while running on uneven surfaces. A study shows ill-fitting shoe may also be one reason for shin splits among athletes. Applying pressure on the wound with Best Ice Pack for ACL Tear recovery can relieve pain to some extent.


A stinger is a sports injury related to the nerves around the neck and shoulder. As the name indicates, the athlete experiences painful electrical sensations around one of the arms. Stingers are not reported by athletes as the pain spontaneously reduces or goes off completely within a short duration. Stingers can occur during high impact games like rugby, football or basketball where collision is unavoidable.

Defects or slippage of one vertebra in relation to another is a common cause of sports injury among athletes. Commonly found among athletes involved in gymnastics or javelin throw. Back pain during stretching or bending is a notable sign about spondylolysis.
Ice medication such as Best Ice Pack for ACL Tear recovery or complete rest for a relative period may help reduce the effects of spondylolysis.


Bones help us move, walk, sit and do our daily activities. It is really amazing how our bones fix in exact locations to support one another to form a complete structure. When a bone is forced out of its normal position, it is called dislocation. When a joint experiences an unexpected or unbalanced impact, dislocation occurs. Players involved in heavy impact games like football and basketball have higher risk of dislocations. Older persons who cannot support their mobility also have higher risks of dislocation when they fall. There is no harm in applying Best Ice Pack for ACL Tear recovery until medical help arrives.

Dislocation with Kids

Children on the other hand are also prone to dislocation and may occur due to lack of supervision. Approximately 8000 children are treated every day for sports related injuries and a majority of them are dislocations. The chances of rectifying a child’s dislocation are high as the bones are tender and more flexible than of an adult.
Loss of motion, severe pain, numbness around the affected area and tingling sensation are the symptoms to look for when a dislocation occurs.
Dislocations are severe medical emergencies and that is why children need special care when participating in sports. Having the Best Ice Pack for ACL Tear recovery in your first aid kid at all times is advisable.


Fracture is a medical condition where a single bone structure is broken to pieces. Fractures happen when a bone receives excessive stress beyond the limits it can handle. Fractures are a very common sport injury and can happen to all ages. Fractures among children are very common and they heal quickly unlike old age fractures. As we age, our bones become brittle and tend to break easily during falls or other activities.

There are many types of fractures and the most common are displaced and non-displaced, open and closed.

In a displaced fracture, a bone breaks up into multiple pieces and the two ends are not aligned as the way it should be. Imagine a train derailment incident where the compartments are dislocated and piled up. Whereas in a non-displaced fracture the bones although broken maintains its proper alignment. Both the fractures are painful and cause serious discomfort to the body.
Closed fracture is when the bones break, but does not tear or puncture the skin. On the other hand, open fractures are the most gruesome accidents where the bone tears the skins and protrudes outside the body. Unlike other fractures, open fractures need to be treated quick as there may be loss of blood and the possibility of infection is high. Placing the Best Ice Pack for ACL Tear recovery on the wound may avoid infection.

Other types of fractures include:
Hairline Crack
Greenstick Fracture
Transverse Fracture
Oblique Fracture
Comminuted Fracture
Buckled Fracture
Pathologic Fracture

An X-Ray can detect the type of fracture in most cases. However occasionally there might be a need for MRI or CT scan to get a better picture.

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Dealing with sports injuries can be short time (Acute) or long time (Chronic). Acute or short term sports injuries happen during playing or exercising. Whereas a chronic sports injury happens due to repetitive actions performed during the sport or exercise. For example, bowlers in a cricket team have higher changes of knee injury. Likewise a weight lifting sportsman have greater risk factors for knee, shoulders, neck or hip injuries.

The muscles, bones and ligaments suffer regular stress due to everyday fitness or sports related activities and can cause serious chronic sports injuries. Carrying the handy Best Ice Pack for ACL Tear recovery can help you at many situations.

What to do when you are injured?
Always keep a first aid kit close by so you can get to it on your own without help. Apply Best Ice Pack for ACL Tear recovery on the wound or fracture until you find proper medical attention.

The moment you feel a ligament is torn or a bone is broken, stop moving. When you are injured, your body does not comply your commands and even if you want to move or get help. Lay low on the ground if possible and relax for a few minutes. If you are back to normal and out of pain, then it may be a minor sprain or strain. But make sure you attend to it when you get home.
If the pain does not reside or if you see any abnormal swelling or numbness or change in skin color around the affected area, you should seek immediate medical attention. Best Ice Pack for ACL Tear recovery can greatly reduce swelling on fractures, strains and sprains.

Ice Treatment: Put packs of ice on the injured area for about 10 to 15 minutes. Repeat the procedure several times in a day. You can use a cold pack or an ice bag or Best Ice Pack for ACL Tear recovery. This process can reduce the inflammation and swelling around the wound.

Elevation: Raise the affected area above the chest level. This avoids swelling on the injured place.

Sports Injuries treatment

The most common treatment for sports injury is immobilization. The patient is set to rest for over a period until the injury is fully healed. Immobilization prevents the injury from further damage. Casts, Leg Immobilizers are some of the available components to treat sports injury.

Adequate Rest

Providing the bones and muscles adequate rest to set is crucial. The muscles and tendons or bones take time to heal as they slowly start to grow naturally.

In some cases especially during a open fracture or a dislocated joint, there may be a need for surgery. But most sports injury do not need a surgery.

There are various forms of therapies to cure the sports injury without much medication. Heat Packs, Cold Packs (Best Ice Pack for ACL Tear recovery) cryotheraphy, sound waves and massage are some ways to get rid of sports injury.

Sports Related Emotional Stress

Many of the sports injuries can be prevented if it wasn’t for stress. Athletes undergo enormous stress from the team and from fellow competitors. The urge to win a competition plunges the athlete into a mental demand to out-perform fellow members. The pressure an athlete experiences from coaches, friends and family and in some cases an entire country is literally unimaginable. It’s really hard for one to channel all the energy towards success especially during such an emotional stress. Some athletes could not handle the amount of stress and the body fails to cope up with the event. Thereby leading to fatigue, loss in stability and losing control of the body resulting to an injury.

When can I return back to the play?

Before you return to the sport after a sports injury, please make sure you are:
Free of pain and weakness.

Your medical reports such as MRI scans should not reveal any damage to your nervous system
Must condition your body and mind especially if you are out of the game for a long time.
Learning the game. By grasping new techniques or careful team playing may avoid the athlete from making the same mistake again.

Proper fitting equipment’s such as special pads, neck rolls, helmets can also prevent the athlete from taking a hit on the sport.

Whom to consult if I am injured?

An orthopedic surgeon is the right doctor to visit in case of a sports injury. An orthopedic surgeon specializes in musculoskeletal systems, bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and the nerves.
A physiotherapist or a physical therapist can help you when it comes to a rehabilitation program. A physical therapist is a licensed physician who can help reduce pain and improve mobility. Massage therapists can also be approached for heat or cold packs treatments such as Best Ice Pack for ACL Tear recovery.

How to prevent sports Injuries

Prevention is better than cure always. But if that’s not the case and you have been injured, apply ice cold water or Best Ice Pack for ACL Tear recovery for some immediate relief.

Educating the athletes about the sport or exercise may greatly decrease the number of sports injuries that happen every year. It’s far more important to learn about the body than to learn about the sport. Understanding one’s own body and limits can provide a solid base on the capabilities really possible.

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Taking one step at a time and moving forward towards the limit can make a safer environment. We might be compelled by our peer’s performance and it may create an urge to make the next step. But remember, each one have their own capacity, endurance and it varies from person to person. Always perform calculative steps or increment to the next stage one at a time.
Having a trainer or a coach is advisable especially if you are new to the sport. Join groups of your age or capacity and by that way you can be sure of the process as it does not exhaust you in any way.

Here are few tips to help you avoid sports injuries.Always warm up before starting any sport or exercise Wear appropriate dress as demanding by your sport. Use the right fit shoes. An ill-fit shoe can cause damage to your body While running, avoid uneven surfaces. Choose a flat and even plain for your daily routines Use a soft mat if you are planning to do yoga or aerobic exercises
Avoid long stressful exercises. Instead try short yet fast pace exercises Always carry Best Ice Pack for ACL Tear recovery for emergency.

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