Cooling Tips For Hot Sleepers

Are you tired of tossing and turning in the bed and not getting a good night sleep because you are very hot and feeling uncomfortable? Most of the times, the answer would be a definite yes. If you are a person who is hot then this can be a very serious issue if it affects your sleep very badly. If you don’t address it then it becomes a problem in getting good night sleep. It is important to understand the correlation between body temperature and sleep and as well the environmental factors which can affect the body temperature while sleeping.

There are lots of tips that can be followed in order to have a very good night sleep rather than sweating excessively and not getting any quality sleep. To make sure you get a cool sleep you can go through the guide. There is an interconnection between body temperature and sleep and also environmental factors that play a vital role in you sleeping hot. Here are tips to cool yourself in order to have a very good night sleep.

The Relationship Between Body Temperature And Sleep:

There is a connection between sleep and body temperature and not many people know about this. Your body temperature during the day time is between 98.6 to 100.4 degrees as per your circadian cycle. But this temperature can change when you are sleeping and can drop down to 96 degrees for a few times. This change in temperature is because humans and mammals when they are sleeping are unable to regulate their body temperature.

There is also another direct link in which sleep is affected by body temperature apart from the usual correlation between sleep and body temperature. As the temperature of your body lowers down then you tend to sleep more and as you fall asleep more deeply the body temperature continues to decrease. When you initially fall asleep then there is a dip in the body temperature but as the body is in sleep cycle mode and then it reaches Rapid Eye Movement sleep then the body will stop producing any heat.

To have a sound sleep it is very important that the environment around you supports a comfortable temperature for you to have a restful sleep. Also, the environment that surrounds you will keep your body warm so that you don’t have to wake up feeling cold and will see that your body temperature is low to remain in the sleep, cycle.

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Environmental Factors That Can Contribute To Hot Sleeping:

The body temperature gets affected by the surrounding environment when you are sleeping. Many people without knowing are raising their body temperature when they are sleeping and this is due to environmental factors. The most common one environmental factor among many is making the room very hot and you are sleeping in the same room. You have to keep cool the room that you are sleeping in if you are a hot sleeper. Many of them cover their beds with thick and heavy blankets and comforters which create an environment that is hot and will raise your body temperature.

Hot sleepers must make sure that their bedding is having thinner and fabrics that are breathable so that it can help in circulation of air which can have a cooling effect on the body thus helping in having a good sleep.

Mattress and Pillows:

The other environmental factor where a lot of people do not know that can make people not to sleep is the material of the mattresses and pillows. Some mattresses and pillows are made up of synthetics and polyurethane memory foam which can increase the temperature of the body in sleepers. Another environmental factor is Electronic devices which also contribute to increasing in sleeping hot because of the blue light they emit.

When your body is pulling itself to sleep then the blue light emitted by electronic devices and screens interfere with the levels of melatonin in the body. The blue light emitted by devices at times can lead to a decrease in melatonin levels if the screens are being viewed for a long time. This affects sleep and sleep quality and also body temperature. So these are few of the environmental factors that can change your body temperature thereby affecting your sleeping pattern.

However, An American Company called “The Coldest Water” developed The Coldest Mattress using Coldest Fusion Weave™ that is specifically developed for heat dispersion and dissipation. The RIDGE™ airflow system allows two things to happen. It improves heat dispersion across the entire mattress and firmness.


Cooling Tips For a Restful Night Of Sleep:

If you are unable to have a sound sleep and feeling very uncomfortable because you are feeling very hot at night then it is very much necessary to take concrete measures to improve your situation and have a good night sleep. You need to have proper sleep which is very important so that there is proper mental clarity and the body can function normally. There are lot many of tips that when followed upon in your daily routine can be of major help in reducing the body temperature and keeping the body cool and thus having a peaceful and restful sleep in the night.

Choose Your Pyjamas Carefully:

If you are a hot sleeper than make sure that you choose the correct type of pajamas made up of light fabrics that are breathable like cotton and also must be of a loose fit. These type of pajamas help in reducing the body temperature and they help in circulation of air which results in a cooling effect. The looser the pajamas the more air can circulate freely between the body and the fabric thereby reducing body temperature and keeping you cool all night long. If you are suffering from night sweats then wear light clothing which will help in removing the moisture and if you are hot sleeper then do not wear any synthetic clothing or pajamas made from wool, fleece, and flannel which contribute in overheating the body.

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Create Your Own Breeze:

The ideal bedroom temperature should be between 65 and 72 degrees. You can keep a fan in the room which will help in the circulation of air and this will keep the room cool and also your body as well. In the summers during the night you can open the windows to let the breeze come in to cool down the room and your body so that you can have a good sleep in the night. You can also place a fan pointing to the door to throw out the hot air and at the same time, air drawn from outside will cool the room. If there is cross ventilation in the room it is good so that there is no build-up of any hot or stale air.

Switch Off The Lights:

Many people do not know that light bulbs are heat emitters. These bulbs emit heat which can raise the room temperature and thereby has an effect on the body as well. So turn off your lights when you are sleeping and also a couple of hours just before you go to bed make sure the lights are off so that it helps in cooling down the room and helping you to get a good night sleep. Always sleep in the dark to get a cooler sleep.

Use Your Rubber Water Bottle:

If you have a rubber water bottle you can use it to keep yourself warm in the winter months and keep yourself cool in the summer months. Fill the bottle with warm water and keep in between the clothes you wear to make your body warm and to keep yourself cool fill the bottle with cold water and use it. It will keep your temperature normal and helps you cool down. This is the simplest and effective way of warming up and cooling down.

Take a Cold Shower:

The way you feel when you go to bed to sleep in the night has a direct impact on the quality of sleep that you have. Have a cold shower every night just before you go to bed and this helps in taking the sweat away and helps in cooling of your body temperature and so makes you cool and you can relax for good night sleep. You do not need to have a long shower or bath but just a quick normal one would be enough.

Turn Off Your Electronics:

If you would like to have a restful and peaceful good night sleep. Make sure to switch off all electronic devices just before you hit the bed. These devices emit heat until they cool down. The room temperature can rise which does not help in getting good sleep. Also, the blue light emitted from the screens is not good for the eyes either. They can strain the eyes and makes much difficult for the sleep to catch on. If no electronic items in the room it is the best way to stay cool and maintain a normal room temperature to fall asleep soon and have blissful sleep all night long.

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Drink A Glass Of Cold Water Before Going To Bed:

Hot sleepers often cannot get proper good sleep and are always turning and tossing in the bed all night. At times as a result of dehydration sweating and turning, tossing can occur. To stop this from happening always makes sure to drink a glass of cold water before hitting the bed. It is better to have a reusable stainless steel water bottle on your side table that keeps the water cold 24+ hours. This will help in rehydrating and also will keep the body cool by reducing the body temperature and will help you in getting a good sleep in the night. One glass of water should be enough to do the job of cooling the body. If you drink more than one glass of water you will have to keep visiting the restroom very often which in turn will alter your sleep pattern.

Invest In High-Quality Breathable Bedding:

If you are a sleeper feeling very hot, then you need to be very careful in choosing the correct clothing to settle for a good sleep. You must also be very careful about what type of bedding you sleep on. The bedding on which you sleep on is a very important factor in happily staying cool all throughout the night time and in getting a quality and good night of blissful sleep. When you are selecting sheets, and then always look for top high-quality cotton sheets as they are more breathable compared to the other fabrics such as flannel, satin, fleece polyester, and lycra.

The coldest sheets (Available soon) & coldest mattresses are made from top high-quality certified organic cotton which is very soft and will also help to promote the airflow to keep you very cool all throughout the night. When you have found the correct sheets, the next logical step is to find the right mattress.

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Check The Qualities of Coldest Mattress:

When you are looking for the right mattress, you should look out for a natural mattress made from cooling components that will able to help you to sleep cooler all throughout the night. The Coldest mattresses are using the latest technology that helps you to sleep and stay cool during the night. The latex-based natural memory foam removes the heat away from the body and throws out through the mattress; it has also been proved that you can happily sleep up to seven degrees cooler than your own body temperature when you are using the coldest mattress around eight hours of the sleep cycle.

While there are many mattresses that use memory foam which can promote hot sleeping, natural mattresses always provide a cool night of sleep because of their standard engineering, design and carefully chosen natural materials. The innovative materials Coldest Fusion Weave™ that is specifically developed for heat dispersion and dissipation. The RIDGE™ airflow used to make the Coldest Mattresses. This will help you in getting a cool good night of sleep that you are always looking for.