David is the lead engineer/inventor, he is the pulse of The Coldest Water that keeps us going. He is the definition of a workaholic, usually working nineteen hour days, if not all day. He just loves seeing the company expand and finding new improvements to everything. He enjoys challenges and figuring out how to make things work as affectively as possible. If he isn’t in the laboratory though, you can catch him zooming on this electric longboard or lounging with his sidekicks: Keywei, Nala, Dobei, and Simba. On his free time, he also loves playing soccer, listening to podcasts, and working on Classified Projects.


IG: @davidd_stark

Cofounder, Bachelors of Science in Engineering (Florida Atlantic University)


Cofounder & Head of Marketing

In my past life I was a Civil engineer, building bridges for the State of Connecticut, but l always had a burning passion for building businesses and even more fun, David (my twin) and I would compete on who could build the better business. We were hyper competitive whether it was in sports or business.
From 2006-2017, During College, and into my 9-5 engineering job, I would retreat home just to work on my side business. It was a crazy hustle and fire. By 2017, I had started at least 10+ businesses prior to COLDEST that ALL crashed, burned, and failed. Prior to 2015 (David had also started 10+ businesses that crashed burned and failed too). From website based businesses, to a clothing line, to a podcast, to a pet subscription box, you name the business, I likely had something close to it. I learned 1000+ ways how not to run a business. But from every failure, I learned something critical, and felt I was one step closer to figuring it all out... Read More


IG: @thekingofthenorth29



Kaira is head of all Coldest Water HQ operations and establishes practices and protocols that keep the warehouse running at peak efficiency. She directs shipments and resolves logistical challenges by communicating with clients, transportation providers, manufacturers and suppliers. In her free time Kaira lives an active lifestyle and enjoys spending time with her dog Chewie.

Our Story

COLDEST was founded by a team of Engineers in 2014 with the one goal to create the COLDEST products

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