Coldie Update 2.24.24 - Hope you guys enjoyed last nights episode! The entire experience was absolutely epic whether we got a deal or not, so we are super grateful for being selected to be in the tank and have no regrets.

By the way, we are not bummed or have regrets for not accepting the deal (and we don't want you to be either) A royalty deal would be a really bad deal for the brand long term.), we would have loved to partner with Mr. Wonderful though. What ended up being cutout was the numerous back and forth exchanges to get the right deal with him but ultimately it didn't work out.
We filmed for about 45minutes back in June 2023, a lot was said that didn't make the 10 minute cut. The way we strategized was Dave was in charge of any questions regarding numbers, I was to take on any questions regarding brand, what makes COLDEST different, marketing etc, lol this way we wouldn't interrupt each other. Episodes usually focus on one - brand, products, or numbers). Since they chose to focus on numbers, dave made most of the cut lol.
Since being on the tank, we have learned a LOT. Some of the hardest things of the business have been the scaling costs as the brand grew, so did warehousing, employees, marketing etc. Its a huge balancing game that we are trying our best to make work.
Lori was right - we have a LOT of skus and expanded fast into a lot categories.
Over the next year we plan to be reducing categories and skus to focus deeper into the core of our brand and where it all began...creating the best COLDEST water bottles.
Thanks again for watching! Read more about our shark tank story below.
Business Inquires
Founder & CEO, David
Instagram: @davidd_stark
Co-founder, Joe

The Road to the COLDEST Shark Tank

Ever since we (Dave and I were small), we use to watch Shark Tank. The sharks are practically legends to us.

It was December 2022, around 1 o'clock am in the morning. I think I just had shark tank playing in the background while working on the business. I'm a night owl, and so I was like, what if we applied? And so, I submitted a lengthy online application right there and then. I think it was 3am by the time I finished. It was a moonshot in the back of mind. When I told Dave, he was like why? It's virtually impossible to get in" I think I told him something along the lines, "just believe bro, lets just manifest it." And I can't remember what he exactly said, but it was like a nod [lets try it.]

"Our core mission is to create the coldest, best products to help you stay colder, longer™. "

Learn more about the history of Coldest.



Before Airing

2022 - December - The Application

I applied back in November, and to be honest, it was an absolute moonshot. Around 40,000-60,000 Entreprenurs / Brands apply each season. Of the 40,000-60,000, about 160 -200 film in Hollywood. Of the 200, only 80 actually make it to air. Our chances were not great, probably terrible, but COLDEST in my mind, was different. Someone even said it's harder to get onto shark tank than it is to get into Harvard or Princeton. We were beyond grateful for the experience and opportunity, and luck (although it wasn't easy).

Many Rounds of Auditions

There are multiple rounds of audtions to get through, at least 10+. At no point in the process are you guaranteed to film, and even if you film, the odds of airing is twice as hard. At the time of this writing article...we haven't aired, nor do we know if we will (a state of uncertainty lol)...but if you're reading this, then we have filmed lol. We focused on one main thing. Telling our story and the purpose of COLDEST, which is, we build things to help you stay colder, longer.

Months of Mental Preparation

We knew we would never be fully ready but we tried our best to prepare. Dave and I would meet often to power through different parts of the process.

Why go onto Shark Tank?

COLDEST is a small business. Everything goes back into the business to scale. Many people think we are some huge corporate company but we aren't, not even close. The reality is we have zero investors, and have been bootstrapped since 2015 with $14,000. We believed that with a shark, it would essentially just throw gasoline to the fire. We also don't know what we don't know, and having a shark as a mentor would be invaluable. Their experience and network would be priceless.

From the begining, I just always thought, if you believe so strongly in it occuring, it will occur. The road has been litered with so many fails. Many sleepless nights. Countless code red level 10 events. Dave and I each had 10+ businesses before COLDEST that failed) and pivots along the way but it makes the journey all the more better.

I thought there was so much magic and amazing things going on at COLDEST, that if we could just share even 1% of what really is going on behind the scenes at COLDEST, the producers would see and fall in love with the brand too. We also think we are just SCRATCHING the surface of the vision of COLDEST. If we could make an actual dent in what we believe COLDEST could be, the potential is so big.

And so, I applied.

Weeks go by, then months, and day, I get a call from a California number but it hits the voicemail (we are from florida), so I'm it..??

The voicemail was from a ABC producer, she said something along the lines, we want to know more. And so the exciting journey began!


Months of Working Out

3 months leading up to possibly getting onto shark tank, we worked out EVERY DAY for months. We didn't know if we would get in, but we trained as if we were.

Set Design - Mockup v.3

Set design was one of my favorite things about the process. It's not only fun, but when this phase came up, we knew we were closer to getting on a spot to air. Designing the set that you saw on TV went through may prototypes. Some entreprenurs hire people for it, we didn't hire anyone, but it came out better than we expected. This is how it came out.

More Pitch Practicing

Dave and I are horrible at memorizing things. We always have been, we practiced the pitch a LOT. lol

Submitting Business Info

"This process is lengthy" is an understatement. From multiple applications, NDA's, submitting business LLC formations, to background checks, product checks, fact checks, trademark & patent submissions, to financials checks, business & personal social medias submissions, to even meetings with lawyers from ABC.

Planning HQ v4 COLDEST at the Same Time of Shark Tank Prep

Meanwhile, we were still running a fast growing brand. Pictured here is David designing and testing COLDEST Prototypes. The 1-Gallon & 1/2 Gallon were born this day.

Back to Work on Business

Stacking and Wrapping pallets.


Filing over 10+ Patents

For a long time, COLDEST was scrappy. We still are. Before filming for shark tank, we wanted to protect our Intellectual Property. We filed 10+ Patents, 3 months before shark tank. I learned as much about patents and law as I could as well as partnering with a lawyer. It was an insane amount of work. View our Patents here

Filing over 10+ Trademarks

To protect our trademark We also filed 10+ trademarks in the months leading up to filming for shark tank. View our trademarks here

No space to spare

We began to just expand everywhere on the 7 acre of property David owned. It was an exciting and terrifying time. COVID was just hitting. We didn't know whether to speed up or slow down.

Shipping your orders during the holdiays

The team working hard packing your orders through the holidays.

20+ Containers on property

There were 20+, 40' shipping containers stealthy hidden in Davids Backyard to store product. We were growing faster than we could imagine.

COLDEST begins to spread

From 2018-2021 were beyond some of the hardest years for COLDEST. From space constraints, to product recalls, to financial hurdles. Despite the hardship, we experienced some of the best parts of the journey. Visit the main story here.


Headed to Hollywood!

Traveling to Hollywood

The day before we were suppose to film, our flight got cancelled. We luckily booked another flight same day, otherwise would have missed the entire film date.

Airplane = Gametime

During the flight, David and I continued to strategize what could happen in the tank, from knowing our numbers, to potential counter offers.

We Arrived in LA!

I had never been in LA. So I snapped this quick picture while waiting for the shark tank bus.

Film Day

Film Day - Morning

It was the morning of, around 6am in the hotel lobby. David and I had just grabbed coffees. We felt ready. It felt like the calm before the storm.

Behind the Scenes

This footage was actually taken from Shark Tanks Instagram story the day of. When we saw it, we looked at each other and were like..."dang, this is actually happening, isn't it". We were notified our film time was at 1pm. (we weren't allowed phones on set but I thought this was a cool clip).

The 3-hour Work Out

Dave and I didn't know what to do the morning of, and we woke up so early before the pitch which was at 1pm. So we burned time by working out. For probably 3+ hours! Joe on the treadmill cooling his nerves the morning of the film date in the hotel gym. We were so nervous! It cleared out minds and made us feel good. He forgot his workout clothes lol.


Post Shark Tank

Steaks after the Pitch

Deal or no deal, we were relieved the pressure was over. Win or lose, we would end up here, sitting in front of two giant steaks. We got this far, it was time to celebrate. The journey was epic. This is Dave, around 5pm, back at the hotel restauraunt. We were so wiped we didn't want to drive anywhere. This is just moments after filming on shark tank.

The Story is just Begining

The magic of COLDEST is just begining...

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2023 HQ V.3 at Max Capacity

We have maxed our our current warehouse and looking to expand.


The Future

Present - In search for HQ v.4

Coldies Nation expands faster than expected. Warehouse reaches peak capacity. In just 2 years, we out grow HQ V.3.

Sneak Peak Inside HQ V.4 - Under Contruction - Winer 2023

At the time of this writing, HQ.v.4. is officially in the planning and will be open Winter 2023.

The Future - COLDEST World™

COLDEST World™ (2030) is a theme park vision with design currently in it's early stages where you can immerse yourself into the expanding Universe of COLDEST.

Learn More

Business inquiries, you can email us directly:

Match The Sharks COLDEST Bottle

Bloopers & Behind The Scenes


What season is COLDEST on shark tank?

COLDEST filmed for shark tank season 15. It is not yet confirmed what episode COLDEST will be airing on (if any). There is greater than a 50% chance that we won't air. (You can film, and still not air).  

How many times have you applied to shark tank?

This was the first time we applied. Dave and I always felt like the brand needed to be the right phase with what we believe is one of the COLDEST products on the market, solid numbers, and sales before pitching to any investors. We believe a ton in the journey, building a brand that lasts and is sustainable.

Do you have patents?

We have 10+ patents & 10+ trademarks that you can view here! Most of which we filed 3 months before shark tank!

How is The Limitless Bottle different Than The Competition?

We built the Limitless™ bottle to have 10+ improvements from the competition. Here's what's different and ultimately what we believe is a limitless bottle!

Does it fit in a cupholder?

Cup Holder Friendly? Size


Fits 99% of cupholders


Fits 80% of cupholders


Fits 80% of cupholders

21 oz

Fits 99% of a cupholders


Fits 80% of cupholders


Fits 80% of cupholders


Half Gallon


1 Gallon


26 oz Universal Shaker

Fits 99% of cupholders

36 oz Universal Shaker

Fits 99% of cupholders

46 oz Universal Shaker

Fits 99% of cupholders

36 oz Limitless Bottle

Fits 99% of cupholders

46 oz Limitless Bottle

Fits 99% of cupholders

Is it Dishwasher Safe?

We recommend hand washing to extend the lifespan of any COLDEST bottle.

Dishwasher Safe

  • Powder Coats

Not Dishwasher Safe

  • Glitter
  • Patterns
  • Glossy Paint

Does it float?

Yes! All COLDEST bottles float!

Is it Leak Proof?

Zero-Leak is the mission to develop leak-free products.We are continuously improving our products.

  • Chug Lid v1.0: 100% Leak Proof (or send back for a refund)
  • Flip Top Lid v4.0:  100% Leak Proof (or send back for a refund)
  • *Sip Lid v1.0: Due to the open top nature of this lid & straw, if the bottle does fall over, it may leak. This lid style can only be leak proof only with the COLDEST Bunker™ accessory. (coming soon! Accessory sold separately)

Should I wash before use?

Yes, we recommending washing your new bottle before use.

How do I install the Paracord on my Limitless Bottle (Optional add-on).

Paracords are an additional add-on that may be purchased separately to add increased functionality and handling. (Refer to here: Shop Paracords)


Watch this 1-minute Paracord Installation Video:

What if I don't like it?

We offer a lifetime warranty on all COLDEST products. If you don't love it, will refund you 100% and even cover shipping back. Email with your order number to get started.

We're you once called The Coldest Water?

Yes! From 2015-2020, we were called "The Coldest Water." But in 2020, we were talking, what if it could just be "COLDEST? Remove "the" and "water," it's cleaner. It felt like something out of a facebook story.

When COVID was starting, the question came up, should we get We godaddy-ied it...and find out it's taken. We had no idea how much it would cost, but we hired broker to find out the price. In our minds, we were like, no way will we be able to purchase a 7 letter domain. We had not much spare cash, never mind the work it would take to do a rebrand. You practically destroy your SEO and page rank. Anyways, we push forward. We're long term builders. The broker finds the seller, he happened to be in the UK, and he wanted $4000.00. Dave and I look at each other, and were like "WHAT!?!". We thought he would want at minimum, $20,000 which probably would have been out of the question. We immedietly were like, send it. We did a massive rebrand, and have been COLDEST ever since.

My Handle is loose? Can I make it tighter?

Absolutely. There are two small screws under the handle. Any small screw driver will work. Turn the screws clockwise till your happy. Try not to overturn though. Alternatively - you can take the handle off, if you don't want to use it.

When will "x" color arrive?

You can sign up for notifications per color to get alerts when the color will drop!

What is the small cone attachment?

Your're likely referring to The Blendinator. Twist that onto the bottom of chug lid to turn your limitless bottle into a shaker bottle! You can blend protein powder, pre-workout powders, and much more. Take it off when your not using. Be sure to rinse it between each us

What Episode of shark tank is COLDEST on?

COLDEST currently has not aired or been given an episode number at the time of this writing for shark tank. We also many not air on shark tank.

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