15 Reasons Why You Should Drink More Water

We often hear that it is necessary to drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day. But why is it so important to drink more water? Coldest Water presents 15 reasons why we should be careful to hydrate ourselves:

Why Should I Drink More Water?

# 1. Water: A Miraculous Solvent:

Did you know? Water is miraculous for Life on Earth. Although it has no taste, no color, and no taste able to dilute more substances than another liquid!

# 2. Water Regulates The Temperature of Our Body:

Water provides help for body hydration. Everyone knows that when you are very hot, drinking water is very important. But did you know that it is also important to drink water when you are cold? The risk of dehydration is, in fact, more important when one is cold because the body struggles to keep it warm. It is therefore imperative to drink a lot of water.

# 3. Water Allows Better Sanitization of Human Body:

Water helps keep human bodies moist that is indispensable for our organs, especially our lungs. It requires high humidity to function perfectly. Several studies have established an important link among water intake and its effects on the reduction of asthma.

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# 4. Water as the Main Component of our Body:

A human body is consists of 70% water. Drinking water is essential for our operation.

# 5. Water to Detoxify

Our body is exposed to toxins most of the time from external surroundings. Drinking water is a natural and simple way to dispose of it, hence the importance of drinking a lot.

# 6. Water Helps Regulate Blood Sugar Levels:

Sugar in the blood plays an important role in our general well-being and overall health. It is important to control your blood sugar level by drinking lots of water. Drink tap water. You can get water by eating water-filled vegetable and fresh fruit.

# 7. Water Helps you lose weight Faster:

A study conducted by the American Society revealed that adults who drink before every meal consume lesser calories during their meals and therefore lose weight effectively and easily.

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# 8. Water as a way to Fight Constipation:

Poor hydration has all the negative effects on health but one of the most hateful effects is constipation. Indeed, the water allows the good digestion of the food we eat, which is why it is essential to provide enough for our body.

# 9. Water is the Mood Booster!

Studies have shown that if you drink more water, it will have an indirect effect on our mood! Researchers have observed that dehydration is often associated with feelings of anger and depression!

# 10. Water: for the Functioning of our Brain:

Dehydration would impede the correct functioning of the human brain, which would lead to problems of concentration or memory loss.

# 11. Water as a Cure for Migraines:

Are you often suffering from migraines, it may be the result of too little water intake! As per the several studies, those people who are not consuming enough water experience pain or cramps more often. So, to avoid this problem drink more water.

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# 12. Water: Cure for Acne:

The people, who are consuming more water, will have reduced chances of the appearance of acne pimples. Without a doubt, if you drink more water, it will help to prevent the production of bacteria that are responsible for an ugly phenomenon!

# 13. Water: for the Health of our Muscles:

If we keep our body sufficiently hydrated, we also guarantee good lubrication of muscles and important for their proper functioning! By doing this, we reduce the risk of strains, sprains or other injuries.

# 14. Water: as a Source of Energy:

Our body tends to show signs of fatigue when we do not hydrate properly. This can be explained by the fact that our vital organs then work more to pump oxygen into the blood. To keep you fit, go for a glass of water instead of a coffee. Always carry a water bottle to drink more water.

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# 15. Water like … Sex Booster!

Are you facing trouble in bed? Lack of hydration level might be a reason! And yes, because some regular problems like poor lubrication might simply be solved if you drink more water!