From Pain to Recovery: ways to get healed after a knee injury.

Active and athletic people certainly do their best in training in order to achieve their goals. Push all the way to the limits, as they say. But being too goal oriented may lead them to train way too hard. Let’s say a sprinter runs intensely enough that he distributes too much pressure down to his feet, which is too much for the knee joint to handle, and then it could lead to a painful sprain due to the knees carrying too much weight and pressure. A knee sprain injury can happen due to physical trauma to the ligaments in the knee.

When ligaments are damaged, it can cause serious pain that could make you struggle to walk or stand. So how do you get back on your feet after a knee sprain? First of all, don’t get back on your feet right away. If you don’t want to hurt yourself again, Rest your knee and legs for a while while preparing for your first aid. Applying cold compresses is the best way to reduce the pain and swelling. You may use typical ice bags, but you cannot leave them alone on your knee without holding on to them so they won’t fall off. But that’s just a hassle, especially if the case is severe enough that you need to go see a doctor about it.

But the good thing is that there is a kind of ice pack that is designed for the knee. In particular, the coldest knee ice pack The good thing about knee ice packs is that they have straps that you can wrap around your knee so that the cold compression stays intact once you move around your leg. So you must wrap the knee ice pack around the affected area and make sure it’s secured with the straps. An ice pack is helpful for pain relief as its low temperature reduces the constriction of blood vessels, allowing blood to flow to the affected area. And that would reduce the pain. Rest the affected area for a while, and it’s best to keep it elevated. Apply compression bandages after a cold compress.

However, there is a range of severity for a knee sprain. There are mild cases that only leave a bruise, but there are cases where not just the ligament is affected, but probably the bone too, in the worst case scenario. According to an article in Medical News Today, a mild case of sprain could take 2 weeks to recover. But if it’s something serious, it might take months, and it’s best to see a health professional in order to see if there are other issues that are affecting the recovery, since we want to get back on our feet again and show how fit we are after dealing with such a painful moment.

Recovery is a thrilling part of the process, but we must not overdo it. It takes time, patience and commitment to your regimen, such as light exercises. There are some exercises you could do in order to make your knees stronger again. Or specific exercises recommended by health professionals for a specific kind of injury in the knee. If you did these during recovery, your knees would get stimulated and stronger, and you would be able to get back on your feet gradually. From struggling to stand due to a sprained knee, then using a knee ice pack as the first remedy, and finally the gradual recovery that shows on the way how you get back up to your feet stronger.

March 12, 2022 — Jen Cold