Do All Stainless Steel Water Bottles Have Equal Composition? What You Should Look For?

Whenever you are at some events, you will prefer to carry water. It is quite useful and effective to drink water from metal water bottles.

Are All Stainless Steel water Bottles Created Equal?

It is more probable that all metal water bottles are made equal. But, there is no surety. However, it is fine to say that all bottles are not produced equal. There are some logical reasons behind using a reusable water bottle to drink water; cost, environmental and health concern, convenience, effectiveness, and flavor. If a person switches to reusable water bottles, then more probably he/she can save $93 each month on drinking water in routine life. It is an integral saving.

If you are not spending on bottled water, then disposable water is also much expensive. When you are going to drink water from a reusable metal water bottle, then flavor and convenience may be your own presence, while environmental concern is the key element. The people buy 1 million plastic bottles just in one second. It takes almost 400 years to polyethylene terephthalate for decomposing naturally. Some research reports have predicted that till 2050 oceans in the world will contain more plastic than fish in water.

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Using Reusable Water Bottles for Health Issues

Human health is another big and valid concern behind using metal water bottles like stainless steel made the coldest water bottles with reusability specs. Bottled water is not enough effective for human health due to some reasons, while it is expensive. ABC New Report discovered that bottled water is repurposed by tap water. Big brands always use tap water for reprocessing and selling through disposable bottles. Detroit River is one of the most famous sources for tap water.

There is one major difference between tap and bottled water you are drinking. Standard of bottled water is different from municipal tap water. So, no one knows what he/she is drinking. EPA regulates tap water, while FDA manages and regulates bottled water. Tap water usually owns a bad wrap. If you talk about tap water, you often believe it dirty industrial water gained from the worst water plant. Further, bottled water raises an expectation in your mind of crystal quality and healthiest water gained by the advanced water plants. You will need to go through the water guidelines provided by two different regulating authorities.

Risks Associated with Drinking Bottled Water:

Drinking bottled water is not a health concern, but the bottle itself is an issue or danger for human health. Plastics and other materials used to make bottles may contain some toxins and risky chemicals like BPA. These chemicals and toxins can leach into water that will cause cancer and many other chronic disorders.

If you drink from these bottles consistently, it will keep affecting your health. Drinking water from plastic bottles will cause many health risks that are dangerous. Almost 30 billion plastic bottles land in oceans and landfill each year. These chemicals get broken down, then they will affect the environment and increase contamination to a serious level.

But, the coldest water bottles made up of stainless steel offer the best alternatives for plastic bottles. These metal bottles are reusable with long lasting durability and performance. These bottles are cost efficient, while they keep your water taste natural, fresh and free of any toxin or chemical. It will help you to control landfill by plastic.

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Coldest Water Bottle


Are All Steel Bottles Similar?

The people ask whether all steel bottles are the same. The answer is absolute no. A large number of metals used in making metal water bottles. Aluminum is the most famous, but it is linked with some serious and risky disorders like Alzheimer’s. So, Aluminum will be alike to plastic bottles that result in BPA leaching into the water. Stainless steel water bottles are best if you compare all metal water containers ever in this world. These products can last longer and prevent every type of bacteria. These bottles are also environmental and health friendly.

Best Type of Metal Water Bottle:

After going through all health and environmental concerns, metal bottles are better to plastic bottles for drinking water. You should look at right types of metal bottles you should consider for your own use. Stainless steel water bottles have been outstanding across the world. These bottles are best and most recommended for all kinds of drinks like hot and cold liquids. These products offer consumers a wide range of health features and other practical benefits.

Stainless steel bottles are free of any chemical or toxin that can affect human health badly. Food grade steel used to make these and they are completely better than Aluminum bottles widely used by the people across this world. Some of stainless steel water bottles contain lead that can harm your health. If you want to protect your health, then you should prefer #304 or 18/8 food grade steel that is 100% health and environmentally friendly. These bottles are completely safe for human beings at any temperature.

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If you want to make sure that you are not consuming any toxin or chemical, then you should prefer the water bottles made up of 18/8 food grade material. Stainless steel with this standard material can be the best and most rational choice of the people.