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Do I get sent a bottle?

Yes, all Ambassador's get sent (1) free bottle. (Subject to change at anytime.)

Do I get a personal promo-code to give to my following?

Yes, you will receive a custom promo code for your following.

How do I change my paypal address?

You will be able to choose your payment method within the dashboard. You can also choose a giftcard to shop at COLDEST.

Is there an age requirement so be Sponsored?

Yes. the minimum age to be an influencer at The Coldest Water is 18 years of age. 

Influencers between the ages of 14-17 will need signed parental consent to represent The Coldest Water. 

Influencers of the age 13 and below are not be allowed to participate.  

The Coldest Water strictly supports the privacy of children and abides by the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule (“COPPA”). 

 If there are any concerns of an influencer suspected to be under the age of 18 without consent or under the age of 13,  please email support@thecoldestwater.com immediately and action will be taken swiftly. 

Thank you for keeping the Coldest Community safe. 

Legal Statement: Commission Program Modifications

Commission Program Modifications

We reserve the right to modify the commission program structure, rates, and eligibility at any time. This applies to all participants, including ambassadors and coupon websites.

Changes will not be applied retroactively. Commissions earned before the effective date of the modification will be paid out according to the original program terms.

We will provide reasonable notice of any upcoming modifications to the commission.

You have the right to choose to continue participating in the program under the revised terms or discontinue your participation.

For further inquiries, please contact our support team.

Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions: Promotional Code Use

Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions: Promotional Code Use

1. Restrictions on Affiliate Promo Codes:

Ambassadors participating in the COLDEST Affiliate Program (the "Program") are prohibited from creating affiliate promotional codes (the "Affiliate Code") that are identical to or confusingly similar to any brand-wide promotional codes offered by COLDEST (the "Brand Codes"). This includes, but is not limited to, codes with the same discount percentage, wording, or structure.

2. Consequences of Violation:

In the event that an Ambassador is found to be in violation of Section 1 (Restrictions on Affiliate Promo Codes), COLDEST reserves the right to take immediate action, including, but not limited to, permanent termination of the Ambassador's participation in the Program.

3. Right to Modify Affiliate Codes:

COLDEST reserves the unilateral right to modify any Affiliate Code, at any time and for any reason, with or without prior notice to the Ambassador.

4. Disclaimer:

These Terms and Conditions are subject to change at the sole discretion of COLDEST. Continued participation in the Program constitutes the Ambassador's acceptance of any such changes.

Disclosures 101 for Influencers - FTC Guidance

Be sure to abide by all laws and regulations by the FTC. Influencers must disclose their partnership with The Coldest Water.  All statements you make regarding Coldest Water products should be truthful and from your own personal experience.

How To Disclose: 

Place it so it’s hard to missThe disclosure should be placed with the endorsement message itself.Disclosures are likely to be missed if they appear only on an ABOUT ME or profile page, at the end of posts or videos, or anywhere that requires a person to click MORE. Don’t mix your disclosure into a group of hashtags or linksIf your endorsement is in a picture on a platform like Snapchatand Instagram Stories, superimpose the disclosure over thepicture and make sure viewers have enough time to notice andread it.If making an endorsement in a video, the disclosure should bein the video and not just in the description uploaded with thevideo. Viewers are more likely to notice disclosures made inboth audio and video. Some viewers may watch without soundand others may not notice superimposed wordsIf making an endorsement in a live stream, the disclosureshould be repeated periodically so viewers who only see partof the stream will get the disclosure.Use simple and clear language.» Simple explanations like “Thanks to The Coldest Water brand for the freeproduct.”So are terms like “advertisement,” “ad,” and “sponsored.” On a space-limited platform like Twitter, the terms“TheColdestWater Partner” or “Coldest Ambassador” (where Acme is thebrand name) are also options. It’s fine (but not necessary) to include a hashtag withthe disclosure, such as #ad or #sponsored. Don’t use vague or confusing terms like “sp,” “spon,” or“collab,” or stand-alone terms like “thanks” or “ambassador,”and stay away from other abbreviations and shorthandwhen possible.The disclosure should be in the same language as theendorsement itself.Don’t assume that a platform’s disclosure tool is good enough,but consider using it in addition to your own, good disclosure.You can’t talk about your experience with a product youhaven’t tried.If you’re paid to talk about a product and thought it was terrible,you can’t say it’s terrificYou can’t make up claims about a product that would requireproof the advertiser doesn’t have – such as scientific proof thata product can treat a health condition.

Please refer to the latest updates: 


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