Getting hydrated is extremely important for your health and also allows you to practice running in the best conditions. Discover why!

I wanted to start this first article by saying that I am super happy to join Coldest Water Community and bring some great tips to the community of “runners” full of hydration tips, easy and cool way to stay healthy. I started using reusable coldest water bottle from last few months, who became my health ally!

Let’s talk about the important theme of hydration in general, especially for the joggers like you are.

Staying hydrated does not mean drinking only when you are thirsty. If you feel thirsty, it means it’s already too late and your body is slightly dehydrated. It is recommended that you should keep the reusable coldest water bottle for regular intake of liquid.

Do not panic if you’re not a fan of water, you’ll find shortly several posts with lots of fun water recipes. In short, no more excuses!

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Water is Magic!

Your body is 60% water. It acts as a small pad to protect all your organs such as the spinal cord and the brain, and it lubricates the joints. So fellow runners, it is extremely important to protect these vital organs and your joints during the run by knowing the importance of hydration!

Lemon flavored detox water, lime, ginger, and mint to hydrate well

Stay Hydrated for Better Digestion:

Water plays a vital role, be it saliva, to reduce and dissolve food to absorb nutrients. We do not forget that without it, no elimination of toxins by the kidneys and liver. Give your body the water it needs and you’ll eliminate all the toxins while running! Keep reusable coldest water bottle for a regular drink of liquid.

A Little Hot Shot:

This point is very important to you! When you sweat while running, your body uses water to regulate its internal temperature. In other words, when you sweat, the skin is cooled by evaporation and the proper internal temperature is maintained. Without sufficient water, it is the disaster, and the beginning of the troubles related to hot shots. This is all the more important if you run in the open area. Ensure that you should carry reusable coldest water bottle without fail.

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Will Hydration Really Make Me Lose Weight?

No, good hydration will not make you lose weight. However, water will boost your metabolism by thermogenesis and it will also eliminate more toxins. With the race, this is all the truer.

A small anecdote, hunger is often confused with thirst, so stay hydrated!

Detox water flavored with lime, cucumber, and mint to hydrate well

But Am I Drinking Enough Water?

There is no absolute truth because it depends on many factors such as climate, stress, level of physical activity, health status in general, etc. One thing is certain; those who practice running need more water than a sedentary person.

You can’t really go wrong with 8 glasses of water a day. Remember that tea, herbal teas, soups, freshly squeezed juices, and other liquids matter for your hydration. Think also about fruits and vegetables that are full of water. These are full of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. However, Join the Coldest Water Community to obtain more knowledge about Coldest Water Bottles.

What are the symptoms of dehydration?

The symptoms of dehydration are fatigue, drowsiness, headaches, slow metabolism, and digestive problems.

Water, the Ally of Muscle Mass:

Always carry the reusable coldest water bottle; they are available in different sizes. Consumed before the sport, it helps to develop muscle mass and body/head coordination.

Next week you will receive lots of ideas to make your water more fun.