Position May Relieve Snoring, Sleep Apnea and Heartburn Due to Reflux:

For adults’ men and women with heartburn or disruptive sleep apnea properties of heartburn, the wedge pillow can be recommended. Are you aware that what is a wedge pillow? Can it help to relieve the symptoms of sleep apnea, snoring, or heartburn? Is sleeping on this pillow safe for infants with the reflux? Find out what a sleepy wedge pillow is, how you can use effectively, and safety measures for infants.

Definition of Wedge Pillow:

A wedge pillow is a fairly compact foam pillow that has a tapered slope and you can position on top of a regular mattress. It helps to elevate your head for the period of sleep. You can use it with other common sleeping pillows. The sleeping wedges have detachable clothing cover-up that you can wash easily.

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Who Can Use Wedge Pillows?

Sleeping experts recommend wedge pillow under conditions where it is important to elevate the head during the sleep. Gravity will work with you when lying on the back in supine position.

Coldest Wedge Pillow:

Recently launched Coldest Wedge Pillow has the highest quality materials. The latest technologies of Coldest Fusion Weave™ & Coldest Anti-Heat Dispersion Layer™ are used to make the best wedge pillow.

It helps to reduce the neck and shoulder pain effectively and keep you cool all night.

Therapeutic Wedge Pillow:

The coldest wedge pillow aids with the acid reflux, allergies, snoring, problem breathing, hiatal hernia, and reduced circulation, neck or back or problems. It helps in other conditions where breathing might be impairing in the supine position.

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Work In Bed – Be More Productive:

Whether you are using your laptop or reading a book, you can work in comfort while staying cool.

Beneficial To Move The Body To Eliminate Sleep Apnea:

People with sleep apnea often sleep fit in a reclining chair. A number of people also raise the head side of the bed by placing bricks under the bed stools. An adjustable bed wherein the head is raised by thirty degrees is also used. This option is expensive or simply not possible for too many people.

The wedge pillow is accomplishing the same as the said techniques. It can aids with the acid reflux, allergies, snoring, problem breathing, hiatal hernia, poor circulation, neck or back problems or other condition of breathing impaired in the supine position.

A raised sleeping position might be ideal in several other situations. The people having back pain can enjoy added lumbar and neck back support. A wedge Pillow can be placed sandwiched between the legs to get relieve Radicular pain (lower back pain). It provides relief during the pregnancy. Anyone can use Wedges Pillow for sleeping on the back; however, they can be harder to use for those who have a preference for resting on their belly or sides.

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Sleep Wedge Pillow Use in Infants:

Even sleep wedges have earlier been sold for use in for infants with the reflux but this is not recommended by the FDA.

Infants can’t change their sides appropriately by themselves. It is absolutely not recommended for the small children. It is advised that babies are placed on their back to sleep. Children should only sleep on a smooth surface with no other bedding materials including the sleep wedges.

For adults who seek to raise the bed’s headend, however, sleeping wedge pillows can be an alternative home remedial treatment.