Every month, we think of washing our sheets, duvet covers, and pillowcases. Have we thought about our pillows and duvets? Because they are thicker, we are sometimes afraid to offer them a little trick of a washing machine at the risk of damaging them. We are wrong! We interviewed experts on the subject. They explain to us in great detail how to wash it all properly and regularly. Prepare your machines!

Clean a Pillow

We think of washing our pillowcases but much less our pillows. But we suppose that a wash from time to time would do them the greatest?

Exactly! Many people do not know that you have to wash the pillows like the rest of the bed linen. However, it is important to machine them every three months in general and every month for people allergic to dust mites or people who sweat a lot.

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Why It Is So Important to Wash Them Regularly?

At night, saliva and perspiration, an average of 1.5 L of water is lost. Also, washing your pillows is a real hygiene issue. Then it is a comfort, in addition, a bed that breathes clean and freshness is still better!

In the pillow, like all the textiles in the house, there is a pile of mites, not to mention the dust.

Machine washing will eliminate them.

Is There A Special Way To Wash The Pillows?

It all depends on the lining of the pillow. If the pillow is made with so-called natural fibers blown (a pillow where the lining is freer and therefore less compact). We will wash it between 40 and 60 ° to the machine. It’s quite simple. The little trick is to add a tennis ball in your machine at the time of washing. The ball helps to puff up the pillow. With this technique, it will keep its soft appearance!

Other types of pillows have wadding. For those, it is advisable to fill the machine so that it does not move, to prevent the wadding does not deform. For example, it is washed with sheets to compress a maximum and prevent it from being deformed. These synthetic pillows can also be machine washed between 40 and 60 °, even some that will withstand 95 °. They will dry in a tumble dryer at a moderate temperature. The main thing is to look at the label on the pillow before washing it.

For pillows with natural down or feather filling, they require more precaution! They can wash in the machine at the indicated temperature or at the laundry.

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Clean a Quilt:

Can our quilt know a similar fate, that is to say, a machine wash?

Yes of course! You have to machine it for the same reasons as the pillow: hygiene and comfort issue.

Its major problem is its size and thickness. The duvets 200 x 200 cm will easily fit in a machine of 5 kg, against the duvets of 220 x 240 will require a machine wash of 7 kg. Or a then an express pass to the laundry.

The pressing is particularly recommended for duvets filled with feathers and down, a much more fragile lining.

Will Some Fibers Be More Resistant To Washing Than Others?

Yes, some fibers will facilitate washing as synthetic fibers that, in addition, prevent the proliferation of mites. A good quality detergent will kill the bacteria during washing, the quilt will be washed in a machine at 95 °. There is also highly effective Fresh Air, a fiber that will have the ability to neutralize odors and offers the advantage therefore not to have to be washed regularly.

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Do You Advise Certain Periods To Wash Duvet?

It is advisable to wash your duvet at each change of season. After the winter, at the end of the summer … For people with allergies, again it gets complicated; it should be washed a little more regularly unless they have chosen a special anti-dust mite.

Cleaning a Mattress:

The mattress is the largest part of the bed, is it impossible to clean unlike the pillows and the duvet?

No, Not impossible! We can add a mattress pad (a piece with a rubber coating placed on the mattress) that will protect it from stains and preserve it from our perspiration. Like a classic sheet, the pad will pass to the machine without problems.

The mattress is a real refuge for dust mites, so it is very important to vacuum it once a month, especially for people with allergies. This does not clean it thoroughly but it is the best solution to prevent the mites becomes permanently encrusted.

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More Tips:

One Last Tip before Going to Wash Our Pillows and Duvets:

Washing is good but changing the duvet and pillow is also recommended! Ideally, you should change the quilt every 5 years and pillow every 3 years. After obviously everyone does as he wants, but after a few years, duvets as pillows lose their volume and their power of isolation. In short, for a better sleep, you have to think about these kinds of details!

In everyday life, it is strongly advised to ventilate your room and bed linen daily, minimum for ten minutes. Air and light help to reduce dust and dust mites.

December 07, 2018 — Shane