It’s no secret, every day it’s important to stay hydrated. And yet relatively few people drink to their daily lives the amount they need. In coaching when I ask people “why”. Many people told ‘don’t like water’ ‘don’t think about it or simply ‘doesn’t have time.’ You can easily manage the need for water if you keep an insulated water bottle with you.

The minimum hydration level is 1.5 L of water a day, I would say 2 liters and of course, in certain circumstances (pregnancy, breastfeeding, heat, sports activity, and more) this needs increases.

Recall, why it is essential to stay hydrated throughout the day and to carry an insulated water bottle with you.


Water Helps Cleanse Your Body By Eliminating Toxins:

It allows you to regulate your satiety. You can try a little trick, if you think you’re hungry, drink water. Very often the feelings of hunger and thirst merge. Your feeling of hunger is actually a sign of dehydration. Drink and wait for about twenty minutes. You’ll know if it’s hungry, or thirsty.

Water Prevents Injuries:

Obviously, if you are sporty, hydration is even more important. It helps prevent injuries and improve your performance. For this, hydrate before, during and after exercise, on a regular basis from your insulated water bottle.

A Better Quality of the Skin:

I am sure, you must have noticed, I see a lot of people spreading moisturizer on their faces and body but not drinking water regularly. Please note that during pregnancy, you don’t need any particular hydration technique or anti-stretch mark cream to make your skin smooth. You require greater hydration than usual. Keep drink water at regular intervals and stay hydrated. For this, you always carry an insulated water bottle filled with water or favorite drink of your choice.

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Better Health and Well-Being in General:

Poor hydration can lead to migraines and headaches, eye pain, vision loss, backache, constipation, sleep disorders, mood swings, fatigue, muscle aches. So, before to rush on drugs ask you these questions objectively. What about my diet & my hydration? Many daily annoyances are linked to less water intake. A small change can change your life. Try to drink water at regular intervals from your own insulated water bottle of any size.


Find below Some Tips and Tricks to Help You Drink more water Every day:

Make Variations:

As you are doing for food, make water tastier. Do not get tired, use flavored water, different types of infusions, teas, rooibos and there are so many alternatives that will allow you to vary the flavors and take more pleasure to drink water and hydrate you.

Have an Insulated Water Bottle Available:

If you are not able to drink regularly, think about drinking during the day, keep an insulated water bottle near you. Having it under your nose will make it easier to think about it!

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Coldest Water Bottle


How Much to Drink:

Don’t drink 2 liters of water at one time. According to experts, the perfect is to take your fluid intake throughout the day (imagine, it’s a bit like if you only eat at 11 am, can you consume the amount needed for 24 hours food intake). Make a practice, 1 glass per hour. And if you practice like a sporting activity, you will get unlimited benefits to your skin and overall health.

Flavored Water:

During the summer, it is a usual practice and adequate to stay hydrated. Think about flavored water (I wrote an article for you)

Think also about fruits and vegetables rich in water (watermelon, cucumber …)

Introduce Small Practices:

Like other habits, drinking is also a habit. So the idea is to introduce small practice and make a habit. For example to drink a big glass of water while awake (before your coffee, yes yes), drink with each coffee break or when you join your car in the evening, etc.

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Think About What You Can Substitute:

Make a summary of your day what you will drink; water/tea/ infusions and you will see that there are lots to substitute for plain water. I think of coffee, industrial juices, sodas, even, alcohol. The idea is to make your habit and gradually replace these Sugary drinks with water (or herbal tea or tea).

Do Not Wait To Be Thirsty:

The most important thing and it’s also a key. If you feel thirsty, it’s about you already dehydrated! The importance of creating practice and habits to drink throughout the day is having importance for a healthy life.

Download Drinking Water Application that will allow you to track your daily water consumption and send you reminders. You’ll see, it’s about getting into the habit, and then it rolls!

Don’t forget to have an insulated water bottle of the required size. You can check the specifications and cost here.