Think About Reusable Water Bottle before You Buy Bottled Water

“It is hard to spend a single day without getting any effect of the environment around you. Your activities produce differences and everyone takes a decision in order to create different types of differences.” Jane Goodall.

Interested to find a friendly idea for hydration? Stop using bottled water and buy your own coldest bottle right now. Remember, more than 88 % of plastic bottles are dumped without recycling in Canada. This is an alarming figure embarrassing the users. Stats are available showing total consumption of bottled water by each person in Canada. It shows that Canadians drink 60 liters package water on a yearly basis. The situation is not difficult in North America. More than 70 million plastic bottles are dumped to lands in this region. In the USA, 50 billion plastic bottles are produced in a year and 40 billion bottles go to landfills.

Holy Batman! This is a huge number.

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What is the Solution?

As a matter of fact, we can do so many things to avoid the use of plastic bottles or bottled water. These bottles are damaging our lands, rivers, and oceans. Plastic is a material which degrades slowly (hundreds of years for a plastic shopping bag). We are going to present some steps people should take in order to minimize the use of plastic bottles.

  • Avoid using bottled water. You can buy one if there is a risk of dehydration on a hot day.
  • Don’t throw the plastic bottles in open. You can try some recycling techniques to use the plastic in a better way.
  • Buy a reusable Coldest Bottle. You can use this bottle at work, in a gym or while on road.

Buy Reusable Coldest Bottles:

Yes, this is an attractive idea for everyone. Reusable bottles have become popular in sports, professional and other fields. There are numerous manufacturers with creative and innovative water bottles. The Coldest Water is among the top rated manufacturers offering durable and quality water bottles in markets. It would be better to remember the link when looking for the high-quality water bottles for sports, games, gym, cycling, hiking, trips and others.

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Personally, I love drinking water and consume 2 liters per day. This is a reason why I keep the coldest bottle always in my handbag. I rarely go outside without it. This water bottle has excellent features such as stainless steel body and wide mouth lid. This water bottle is helpful everywhere. Whether I go to a gym or attend a public meeting at the office, it remains a regular source of fresh and cold water for me. I would like to share some attractive advantages of using the coldest water bottle with readers.

  • #1 stainless steel water bottle.
  • Technically approved for professionals, athletes, and outdoorsmen.
  • Maintains the hygiene.
  • Offers toxin and dust free water.
  • Keeps the water temperature for 36 hours or more.
  • Comes with a wide range of accessories such as caps, lids, and sleeves.
  • The Coldest Water bottles are available online at discounted prices.