Sporty or not, like air, water is an essential element in life. The role is fundamental. Discover with the Coldest Water its importance in human life.

Water – A Vital Element:

It is the main constituent of the human body. The amount of water in the body varies throughout life.

– It decreases with age due to loss of muscle mass. Thus, the body weight of a newborn is 74% water and it decreases to 50% for a man and 47% for a woman from 50 years.

The average amount of water in an adult organism is 65%, which corresponds to about 45 liters for a 70 kg athlete.

– It is more important for the people who are lean or of the normal build because the adipose tissue contains less water than the muscles: 30% for the fat mass (adipose tissue) against 73-75% for the lean mass (muscles).

– Men have a higher percentage of body weight than women because of a generally lower average body fat.

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Water – Its Roles in the Body:

It is essential to ensure the different metabolic functions of the human body.


It maintains a constant temperature inside the body by absorbing heat and then releasing it like sweat.

Transport and Excretion System:

It transport of nutrients, hormones and enzymes in the blood.
It carries the oxygen to the cells.
Help in the emission of metabolic waste in the urine.
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Chemical Reactions:

It intervenes in many chemical reactions and especially in the glycolysis. It is necessary for the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate – the energy used for muscle contraction).

The Composition of Joints and Organs:

It participates in the lubrication of joints (synovia) and organs of the digestive system (mucus and saliva).

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Water and Human Body:

The human body is 70% of it, without it, our cells could not function anymore. For example, the brain is composed of 80%, 75% muscles, and 30% bones.

To be and stay healthy, an adult must consume between 2.5 and 3 liters. 1 liter is originating while eating and we must drink between 1.5 and 2 liters a day.

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An adult loses a little water every day through perspiration, breathing or urine. This must be replaced by the drink or food. The loss of 2% causes a need to drink but the loss of 15% of the body’s water leads to death.

Water is essential for our blood circulation and the regulation of our temperature and our waste disposal system.

Living Beings Consist of Water:

Water is essential to life, without it there would be no life possible on earth. The observation is simple; all living beings need Water to exist.

Earth being, to this day, the only planet of the solar system, it is the only one to shelter the life. Water is one of the five essentials for life. It is the main constituent of living beings and is indispensable to the development of all life.

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