Into each traveling experience in life, rain must fall. Are you a backpacker? If you are an experienced backpacker with an excellent mindset then you can make the forest or mountain a beautiful, cleaner and calmer place to stay. Heavy rainfall is a challenge for the travelers. It may become a difficult factor if you are prepared for it.

Finding the backpacking tips on how to survive in a wet weather is necessary. This brings the attention towards newly launched The Growler Backpack. It is a product of The Coldest Water which has a big name in sports and traveling industry. It would be better for the travelers to keep the following points in mind whenever planning to go for a hike in wet weather.

  • Gear up.
  • Trail danger.
  • Campsite strategies.
  • Drying out.

Are you going to an area where rain is frequent? If you already know about the weather conditions then it would be better to think about the gear list. You must prepare a gear list according to the weather conditions. For example, you will need to pack the footwear and outerwear when choosing the clothing. Keep the most important gears in The Growler Backpack and remember the given backpacking tips.

Travel Backpack

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Avoid Cotton:

Cotton absorbs more water as well as humidity. It becomes an additional skin layer in the rainy conditions. On the other hand, it may cause a problem when it is soggy. You may feel chilled and become susceptible to hypothermia.

Tips: Prefer some nylon, wool, and polyester based clothing.

Assess the Rainwear:

Using the soft shell alone doesn’t keep you safe. You will need to have a hard shell in order to avoid the wet condition.

Tip: There are various technologies available so it would be better to focus on brands.

Pack Camp Shoes:

Don’t be worried about shoe packing. The Growler Backpack comes with special chambers outside. It has multiple pockets. You can easily pack the camping shoes in a separate chamber where it will remain safe from the rainwater.

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Don’t Buy Additional Rain Covers:

We are talking about the backpacking tips and backpack protection. It is necessary to think about the protection of backpack from rainwater. Rain covers and bags are mostly used for this purpose. The Coldest Water is proud to offer a specialized Rain Jacket with The Growler Backpack. This rain jacket is attached with backpack thus it can be used immediately when it is rain. There is no need to buy an extra piece of rain cover for this backpack. This rain jacket is lightweight and it can be folded after use.

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