It is hard to believe that a few years ago; backpacks were used by the kids to carry their Dairies, lunch boxes, and Pokemon cards. It was far beyond our imaginations that backpacks can be used for multiple types of trips, tours, and traveling activities. The Coldest Water holds the right to claim the title because it launched The Growler Backpack 2018 with amazing modifications. Yes, it is a backpack which is different than the conventional products in all aspects. How it becomes a best backpack 2018? No doubt, there are other brands or products available in the markets but these are prominent features making The Growler Backpack more important and attractive for the travelers. Let’s have a discussion on exclusive benefits of using this backpack 2018.

Durability and Quality:

This is a point to remember. Durability and quality are two different things but these are interconnected. Durability is a functional feature which comes if the product is based on quality materials. It means that use of quality materials such as fabric, mesh, pads, pockets, covers, and others makes a backpack durable. The Coldest Water is proud to claim high durability. It is only because we use quality materials to design The Growler Backpack. It is an accessory; travelers, athletes and professional users can rely on whether it is calm or harsh outside.

Travel Backpack

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Functionality and Size:

The second most important combination is the size and functionality. This makes a backpack good or bad for the users. Look at The Growler Backpack’s functionality and size. Don’t forget to imagine what you want to carry and where you are traveling. Once you determine these things, it becomes easy to choose the best backpack. We bet that you will find our backpack ideal and stylish for all types of traveling and packing situations.

Suitable for Personality:

Yes, this is what makes The Growler Backpack 2018 ideal for travelers. This product is based on engineering work. The Coldest Engineers have tried their best to combine the unique features and functions in a single product. Though it was a huge challenge, we have made a unique design which is like no other. This makes our backpack more attractive and stylish. Now it is a suitable product for everyone. It has high capability to match with your personality while fulfilling your requirements and needs.

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A Practical Backpack:

Don’t forget that The Growler Backpack 2018 is a highly practical product. Look at the stylish design, massive side pockets, rain jacket, separated main chambers, key clips, contoured straps, waist straps and others. There is a long list of quality options present in the backpack. Check out further details in order to see the difference.

An All-Purpose Option:

The Growler Backpack is considered an all-purpose product. From travel to work, from weekend to picnic, from a gym to fishing, there are ideal features and options available in this backpack. You will feel lucky to have The Growler Backpack 2018 whenever traveling in different types of situations, areas and weather conditions.