How Much of Water Should Be Consumed Per Day?

Water is very essential to all living beings, on a day-to-day basis. Therefore, for human beings, how much water is enough to be consumed in a day? Too less or too much cause trouble for your body. Drinking more water is certainly helpful to maintain your health. Water needs to be consumed at regular intervals at least, to keep oneself hydrated firstly, to be in better shape, to be able to make the organs function properly and more.

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So, once again, how much water is good enough to drink on a daily basis?

Why Human body Require Water:

Human bodies are made up of at least 60% of water, it may vary due to body weight! Water is a vital component of all our body’s functions. It is a basic building block, transports other components such as waste or toxic material, nutrients, etc. and also helps in the essential chemical reactions that take place continually everywhere in the body.

As the water helps in transportation of waste and nutrients, it also helps in circulation of blood, thereby maintaining optimal body temperature, helps maintain the joints well lubricated, helps kidneys perform their main duty of filtering and flushing out the toxins from the body, etc.

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Main Benefits of Water for Our Body:

Drinking more water helps to maintain the body functioning perfectly well and being healthy. Let us consider some main benefits of consuming water:

Maintain Proper Physique:

As we do many activities while we are awake, our bodies tend to use up water. To stay well hydrated, especially, while exercising, one has to drink enough water. This will help improve the body’s strength and stamina, reduce wear and tear, lower heart rate moderately and so much more. Drinking water after exercising helps to experience lesser soreness and agony.

Helps in Weight Loss:

Well, do you find it difficult losing weight? Drinking more water, in fact, helps reduce weight. According to various studies, while being on a diet, drinking more water helps in weight loss than otherwise. One of the studies showed people losing more than 4.5 pounds after they started to drink about 500ml of water before their daily meals, three times a day for 12 weeks and while being on weight loss diets.

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Mood Booster:

Drinking more water also seems to boost levels of moods. In one of the studies, whoever increased their water intake from less than 1.2 liters to 2.5 liters a day, they were found to experience good sleep, less weariness, lesser disorientation, and confusion. At the same time, few participants who used to have between two and four liters of water a day were made to consume only one liter of water a day. By doing so, the participants were prone to undesirable effects such as moodiness, being less calm, emotional effects and unhappiness.

Improve Your Brainpower:

Drinking more water may boost one’s brainpower! In various studies conducted, it was found that people of all ages that drank less water while performing certain tasks, showed less performance levels than those who are drinking more water and performed much better. Also, the studies suggested short term compromised perceptive performance during slight dehydration too. Therefore, always keep sipping from a glass of water while taking a test or reasoning mentally, to keep you in focus.

Do Away With Headaches:

Headache is most commonly caused due to less consumption of water. Whenever one experiences headache, drinking more water tends to relieve them of their headache. If one experiences migraine often, drinking more water in regular intervals, helps relieve the headache.

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Water as Shield against Diseases:

One of the important factors of drinking more water is to protect oneself from getting diseased. By being well hydrated, you tend to automatically protect yourself from getting constipated, from the formation of kidney stones, urinary tract infections, asthma, coronary heart disease and more. It has also been shown to help fight against some cancers.

So, How Much Water Should Actually Be Consumed, Daily?

There are many factors that contribute to the amount of water one should drink daily. Some of the factors are, the movements the body is subjected to, like playing or lifting weights, gender, age, weather conditions like hot or humid, etc. While men are supposed to drink at least 3 liters of water per day, women should drink more than 2.2 liters of water a day.

Therefore, if you are involved in some kind of activity where the body is subjected to motions or movements, drinking more water helps you to keep fit. If tap water is being consumed, it is always better to filter the water aptly, to avoid toxins being consumed.