Most people often get the required quantity of water they need daily from their regular diet and by drinking water to fill their thirst. In a hot climate, it is necessary for us to drink more fluids consistently and prevent dehydration. That is the key reason that inspires people to carry a water bottle everywhere they go. It is essential for human beings to keep drinking 8 glasses of clean water a day to stay healthy.

Drinking 8 glasses of water that is equal to half a gallon of fluid is not a small quantity. But, it may not necessary for you to keep drinking this amount of water to treat dehydration. In hot summer, if you are taking tough workouts and sweating continuously, then your water level in the body will fall quickly. So, you will need to drink more water and energetic fluids to prevent dehydration. But, Dr. Melanai Hoenig says that a person does not need to drink 8 glasses of fresh water a day.


How to Meet Daily Drinking Needs?

Water need of every person goes on changing due to many factors like weather condition, nature of the job, physical activities, age, body size, and some other elements. Institute of Medicines suggests almost 3.7 liters fresh and clean water for every human to drink by all available sources including water, foods, fruits and energy beverages. However, this suggested figure may mislead due to some factors. Adequate water intake depends on National Dietary Survey of water consumed by a man through different sources like foods, beverages, and water.

Water intake also depends on the nature of things and activities which the men do in a day. Institute of Medicines suggests the people of age 65 drink 16 cups of fresh water a day that is excessive quantity. It is the right time for you to confirm if you drink enough water a day or not. According to National Dietary Survey Data, food, water, beverages, and other things supply up to 70% of total water you need in a day. Coffee, soft drinks, tea, and milk are key beverages. Further, your body will let you know whenever you will need to drink a glass of water that will be your thirst.

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Best Fluid Sources:

You can never go wrong by drinking more water; even beverages having enough amount of water will play a part to meet your daily drinking needs. This is a fact that all caffeinated and alcoholic beverages will result in quick dehydration as they will urinate you. However, these beverages are still useful as they contribute a lion share in your daily water consumption.

You can get enough water and meet drinking needs without taking particular sports beverages. These drinks mostly contain flavors, water, sugar and minerals including potassium and sodium. Manufacturers always try their best to make you believed that sports drinks can prevent dehydration successfully. But, proof for this in case of athletes is controversial. On the other side, a man having sports drinks more in quality than fresh water will add just calories. But, you will not achieve any health benefit.

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Medical Factors:

Most men should put attention to adequate water intake daily. You must confirm if you drink more water if you take big doses of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. If you do not take enough water daily when taking NSAIDs, then it may lead to kidney problems that may be serious. The men having kidney issues and stones can cure it by drinking an extra quantity of water regularly. Research has proved that drinking 2 quarts of fresh and clean water will minimize possibilities of kidney stone and crucial problems.

In some cases, drinking too much water can also result in some stomach problems. The people with heart failure should focus on quantity of fluids they drink in a day an increase in body fluids will affect the lungs. Men with minimum or limited kidney functions will also feel overload to their kidneys that can create problems. If you want to drink plenty of water, you should consult your doctor and carry a water bottle along with you. Further, drinking an extra amount of water may have several bad effects. So, adequate water intake can be a piece of great advice for individuals in real life.