Did you Sleep Well Tonight?

Everyone will spend an average of 30% of their lives sleeping. When it comes to the pillow, the factors “time” and “size” are needed. How old is yours? Its shelf life is from 6 months to 2 years, depending on its quality. Several elements will settle there during its first year: skin cells, hair products, sebum, perspiration, saliva, etc.

Then having a good night’s sleep is having the pillow adapted to your needs. Do you sleep with your arm under the pillow? You will need a fitted pillow to help compensate for the extra thickness that the arm will cause. Do you have pain in your neck? Your pillow is probably of poor size.

Compared to the traditional pillows, recently introduced The Coldest Pillow that is built of the highest quality materials, and designed to keep you cooler at night help you further reduce pressure points and offer a higher comfort. It adjusts to your position while maintaining its shape and helps reduce agitation at night.

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The Pillow Is An Accessory Not To Choose At Random:

Our advice to choose the one that suits you and sleep on your two ears. A pillow is essential because it allows the natural alignment of the spine and cervical, a bad pillow causes torticollis and spoils your nights! It can be filled with moss, feathers, latex, seeds etc.

The more swollen it is, the higher its weight, the better it will support those who sleep on the back or on the side. Conversely, the flatter it is, the better it will be for those who sleep on their stomachs.

Ergonomic models, developed in collaboration with the medical community, are for those who are with cervical problems. They offer better airflow in the airways, which has a positive impact on snoring.

Pillow That Helps to Sleep Well. You Have To Know How To Choose It:

Like your bedding, your pillow greatly influences the quality of your sleep. Take the time to choose the pillow you need and rediscover the pleasure of soothing and relaxing nights.


Comfortable, A Good Pillow Ensures A (Really) Relaxing Sleep!

If your mattress and quilt are essential for sleeping well, the same goes for the pillow that will accompany you throughout your nights. Synthetic or natural, this pillow will have to adapt to your body and your habits. You will not choose the same pillow if you sleep on your back than if you prefer to fall asleep on your stomach.

Flexible, the pillow fits perfectly your morphology, but it will not assure you the indispensable maintenance offered by a pillow soft or firm, which you will choose if you sleep on the side.

Choosing the Pillow Of Your Dreams:

For your rest and comfort, the pillow should also calm and soothe your neck pain or stretch felt in your neck. But this ideal pillow will also warm up or keep your entire upper body cool by offering you good thermal regulation.

To choose it, answer 4 small questions. A few seconds of attention to choosing the pillow that will help you sleep better, admit that the game is well worth the effort. Fall asleep quietly and calmly, not on a classic pillow, but on your personalized pillow.


Make Your Choice in Online Store:

By choosing the Coldest Pillow, the body fills 20% of its needs to achieve the best night’s sleep. Get in touch with the Coldest Water that has to introduce the hand-craft Coldest Mattresses right here, in their USA factories to provide the cool and comfortable sleep. A cold rest helps the body recover faster while allowing for deeper sleep.

The Coldest Water Company’s engineering experience combined with the in-house team of mattress experts, we are on a mission to defeat hot once again, by building the coldest pillow, that is epic comfortable to sleep on. If you have bad backs and understand how important solving back support and coolness was. Always go for the Coldest Mattresses and Coldest Pillows. More details are obtainable here.

Have a cool and comfortable sleep!