Regularly drinking a glass of water is important. It is even more important for pregnant women or those who have just given birth. The question is why? Well here are 5 good reasons to drink water that will quench your thirst for knowledge.

To Prevent Urinary Tract Infections:

Drink water during pregnancy, your uterus will press against your bladder. Suddenly, your urinary tract works a little less well, and the bacteria are no longer completely eliminated by the urine. This increases the risk of urinary tract infection. Drinking a lot of water and often peeing is the best way to cure it. You will not leave any chance for the bacteria to settle.

To Avoid Morning Sickness:

Histamine is the hormone that regulates our internal water. It also causes nausea when you are pregnant. This is the signal that your child and you need more water. These waves of nausea occur mainly in the morning simply because you drink virtually nothing during the night. Remember to drink water enough before going to sleep. And keep the coldest water bottle near the bed, for safety.

To Make Less Water Retention:

During pregnancy, you may suffer from swollen feet, or even your hands, wrists, or face. This is because your body tends to hold more water, which is not really nice. How can you reduce the risk of developing pregnancy edema? By drinking water as much as possible, and preferably water that is low in salt. By urinating more regularly, your body will eliminate more water.

Because it’s good for Breastfeeding:

Breast milk is 85% water. So drink water in quantity, if you want to make enough milk. Are you breastfeeding? So feeding your baby will make you lose even more water. Remember to drink 2 or 2.5 L of water a day. There is also a good chance that you will be thirsty during breastfeeding. You will then feel your salivary glands produce less saliva and your mouth will dry up. Another reason to drink more water!

Because Water is the Cornerstone of Your Body:

In addition to thirst, water is an important part of the body for many other reasons. It is a basic element of the cells, as a component between the tissues, as a lubricant during the contraction of the muscles, and even as a temperature regulator for your body.

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Why is it better to Drink Water That Is Low in Minerals?

The baby’s kidneys in your belly are still underdeveloped. Minerals put a lot of weight on them. It is, therefore, better to choose, whether during or after pregnancy, water that is low in minerals. Nitrates, often present in tap water, should be avoided as much as possible. The body can turn them by mistake into nitrites, which are toxic in large quantities. Not to mention that they are dangerous for the baby if they come to penetrate the placenta.

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