A cramp is unexpected and occurs due to the overuse of muscles. It is usually for a short-period and doesn’t cause any damage but the cramp pain can cause a considerable pain and make the affected area painful for a brief period. The pain occurs in the areas like – back of the leg, the front of the thigh. Cramp pain also occurs in abdominal walls, hands, and feet. Basically, it occurs suddenly and disappears on its own in seconds or minutes or it can take up some hours.

Menstrual cramp is common among female. If you go through cramps before or during the period you are not alone. Many women go through the same pain. Menstrual cramps are a pain in the lower abdominal that can vary from low to high.

Menstrual Cramp Relief

For all cramps pain using ice pack can provide you great relief. Use of Ice pack at the affected area narrows down blood vessels which reduces blood circulation, metabolic activity, inflammation and dulls the skin resulting in reducing the pain. The ice pack is effective in decreasing inflammation, pain, swelling and camping in muscles. Using hot pack at the infected area helps in widening the blood vessels resulting in improving the circulation of blood and relaxes the muscles.

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The coldest ice pack gel by the coldest water

Coldest ice pack

The coldest ice pack gel by the coldest water is a product that will provide you great relief from cramp pain and many other problems. It comes with cold and hot therapy. This ice pack can get you relief from pain other than cramps like – knee, neck, hips, arm, cervical, foot, hamstring, lumber, shins and more.

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Coldest water bottle

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