Best Ways To Stop Night Sweats for Better Sleep

If I could stop sweating at night, yeah that’d be great!

You are snoozing in your cozy bed and you are dreaming and then in an instant, you feel so hot and you then wake up completely wet and dripping in your sweat and it feels like you ran a marathon.

You would be wondering if you are in the middle of a steam bath.

I don’t like being hot and don’t want to start sweating and wetting everything and end up filling tubs. Being woken up by these night sweats in the dead of the night is the worst thing to happen.

Before these night sweats start to occur, you can put a stop to them in many ways and you can enjoy a cool sleep and you can wake up dry in the morning and you don’t have to get into the shower.

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Stop Night Sweats Naturally By Eliminating Triggers:

If you are suffering from night sweats which are caused because of medicines, illness, menopause or any changes that occur in the body which can’t be understood, there are ways in which certain things could be done in finding great relief from night sweats.

If you are not in menopause and your night sweats come out all of a sudden and you are suffering because of night sweats then it is best to see the doctor find out if there is anything underlying condition or if anything else is a factor.

Now let us find out the various ways as to how you can enjoy good night sleep in the night by staying dry and cool.

Do you know that stimuli can be a factor in triggering night sweats? If you have night sweats do not do any of these ones mentioned here when you are readying to go to your bed for a sleep.

  1. Avoid stress and stay calm

  2. Do not wear on your body any blankets which are heavy and also do not use any heavy sheets

  3. Do not smoke and do not inhale any smoke when others are smoking near you

  4. Skip out spicy foods for a few hours before you hit the bed

  5. Do not wear any clothing which is too tight

  6. Do not take any alcohol or caffeinated drinks for a few hours before you go to bed

  7. Maintain and don’t allow your bedroom temperature to exceed anything beyond 65 degrees Fahrenheit

So you have now come across many ways that are a factor in triggering night sweats and how to help yourself in avoiding them and now let us have a look into some of the best ways to put a stop tonight sweats before they occur.

How To Manage Night Sweats By Controlling What Touches Your Skin:

To stop night sweats and keep yourself dry and cool during the night is by getting to sleep in or on the fabric material which does a good performance and this is the best way.

As your elders would have told you that the best material is cotton because it does breathe, but as facts would have a say that the worst material to use is cotton if you are suffering from night sweats.

Cotton does not remove moisture nor it does breathe and it just sticks to the body when it gets wet and nobody ever likes it when it is wet and so never choose cotton.

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Use Pajamas For Night Sweats:

There are people who sweat in the night and they just don’t wear any clothes at all and go to sleep in the bed and it works for them and if you are sleeping on cooling performance bedsheets it works even better.

You also can use for night sweats pajamas which is good for the night sweats. Usually, pajamas will just hold on sweat and heat which will make you feel very hot. There are pajamas, for instance, cool jams sleepwear which has the quality of absorbing moisture thereby drawing it away from your body and as well as heat and so helps you in keeping your body cool.

If you have sheets that are temperature regulated and you then can combine them with these type of pajamas which will help you in keeping yourself dry and you can stay cool in the night.

How to Sleep Cool By Making Over Your Bed:

The type of mattresses and pillows that you are using in your bed can make all the difference in staying comfortably cool or stickily hot. Top quality mattresses do not come cheap and you do not want to end up paying huge amounts of money because of you staying hot and sweating which can ruin the mattress, you think twice to buy a new one. But it’s always recommended that you buy mattresses which are specially made for people who are always feeling hot.

If it is still not time to buy a mattress then there are ways to make over your bed so that you can have a good cool sleep. Or buy it online.

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Cool Your Mattress Off With A Cooling Mattress Pad:

Are you suffering from very serious hot flushes or night sweats? It is always better to buy the Coldest Mattress to enjoy a peaceful sleep. If you are unable presently then put underneath the sheet a cooling mattress so that you can stay cool and it is the right choice.

Chill-pad Mattress cooling system can be used and will cool down to 60 F and will remain so at that temperature for the entire night.

It will go a long way in saving the couple’s relationship when you use this type of pad. Along with this pad comes two remotes and if one wants to keep their side very cool when they are sweating and the other can keep their side very warm up to a temperature of 110 F and both are at ease and peace.

Keep A Cool Head With The Coldest Pillows:

Are you walking up with a head that is sweaty and very hot? Most of the heat of your body released through the head and the majority of the pillows will trap all the heat of your body.

To get a pillow that provides comfort and also keeps the head cool can be really hard. But now you can find the Coldest Pillow, it will provide cool sleep with other benefits.

The Coldest Pillow built of the highest quality materials and designed to keep you cooler at night. The most suited pillow for night sweat sufferers. These coldest pillows come plush and cool stuffed, delivering a medium-plush feel. Interesting, you can adjust it to your specific plush volume.

Use A Bed Fan To Keep Cool:

How Many Of You Sleep With A Fan?

When you are looking forward to cooling yourself when sleeping the best way is to switch on the fan and cool off. If you are feeling cold have your cover sheets on and if you feel very hot then the cover sheets off. Do this very often all through the night. It makes sense rather than being funny.

Only Use Sheets Made For Night Sweats

The best cool bed sheets that can be used for the night sweats are the peach skin sheets as they are made from performance fabric. You keep on tossing in the bed to find a cool spot to cool off and have a good sleep only to find a few minutes later to choose another cool spot as you keep getting too hot.

Upon touching these sheets they are cool even though you sleep in the same spot for long.

As discussed earlier on cotton sheets are not good and if you are sweating a lot then cotton sheets are not the right choice for you. When you sleep always on performance sheets you can always stay dry and cool.

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Use Essential Oils To Help Night Sweats:

If you would like to look for a solution that is natural then the best way to do so is by massaging essential oils into your skin.

Some of the essential oils are geranium oil, peppermint oil, and clary sage oil. They can be of immense help in making you have a cool sleep during the night. Make sure to mix a few drops of good quality carrier oil and before going to bed or when night sweats occur then you can massage this oil into your skin.

Also instead of just applying these essential oils on the skin, you can also do a different type of recipes for night sweats or hot flashes. You can use it as a spray to cool your body or you can use it as a balm to keep you all night very cool.

Help Hot Flashes and Night Sweats by Establishing Cool Habits:

Well, this fact that during the daytime whatever you are doing can have a direct impact on how much hot are you getting at night.

Do not exercise or do not take part in any strenuous activity a few hours before going to bed. The body temperature comes down during the night and when you exercise then the temperature of the body rises and body will not cool down if you exercise few hours before going to bed and will cool down slowly.

Make sure to always eat healthy food which minimizes profuse sweating. Spicy foods, processed foods, white sugar, and caffeine energize your body and hormones imbalanced because of sugar. Eating healthy food always also will help you in losing weight if you are obese which in turn reduces night sweats.

Every night if you are consistent in doing meditation then it helps you a lot in relieving stress and stress is very bad for health and so is a worry as well as they both can cause the hormones to rise up and go down. These hormones will then affect that part of the brain which helps in regulating temperature and eventually will make you feel hot. So doing at night meditation and exercises that are relaxing will help in getting off the stress during day and night as well.

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Say Bye Bye Night Sweats:

To stop night sweats or lessening the problem there are lots of ways. Always eat the right kind of food and food that don’t trigger night sweats should be consumed. Always use Coldest Mattress and Coldest Pillows. Make sure to sleep on cool fabrics and cooling pajamas also can be used.

Use bed fans to tackle night sweats and also a cool mattress that helps in keeping you cool. You will feel the difference from waking up hot earlier times to waking up cool now on using these cooling systems.