In simple words, foot pain is a side effect normal to several foot conditions, and medications used for foot pain are a decent solution for most kinds of foot injuries. You likewise can attempt different methodologies, either before depending on pain relievers or related to them. For instance, you can attempt an ice pack or a warm foot covers before going after the painkillers or pills. Usually, if your skin is sensitive to warm especially when touch (showing that your foot has inflammation and potentially swollen), apply ice. Try not to apply warmth to an excited region since it will just expand the blood circulation and aggravate the irritation.

In the event that your feet sore, tired and skin feels typical or cool when touch, soak the feet in warm water to relax and mitigate them. There are cold or heat packs available at the drug stores. These packs can be microwaved in an oven or freeze in the refrigerator before applying to feet. These Ice packs are also used to massage the foot. Always gently rub the sore muscles as well as the joints as it brings relief. An inflamed foot is not massaged as it may augment the injury. You can read more on Cold or Hot Therapy to Soothe Pain.


Foot Massage:

Normally, a neck or lower back rub comes to mind whenever someone thinks about massage technique. A foot rub is equally beneficial as it provides a soothing effect. There is no need to ask for special assistance for the foot massage. You can do it alone at home without any support. Massage is helpful to develop better blood circulation. It also reduces the tension and brings the foot pain down. Here are some common ways of doing foot massage.

  • Use a comfortable chair to sit: This is a simple method in which you have to bend the leg so the foot will rest on thighs.

  • Oil or lotion rub: This is another simple option to feel relief. Oil and lotion can be used for the foot rub. This helps to treat heel and arches foot pain.

  • Deeper massage: This relaxing massage is commonly recommended for foot pain All you have to do is rub the heels, toes or upper portion of the foot gently. However, the relaxing massage expects to go deeper with little force. Don’t rub the skin harshly as it may damage the cuticles.

  • Stretching: This is an old but effective technique. This helps to remove foot pain from the foot. Stretching provides immediate effect if the injury is minor.

Get a specialized massage device. This improves the massage technique and intensity. Most orthopedic experts recommend massaging devices in order to get more accuracy. For example, the deeper relaxing massage requires high attention. Using a massage device provides accurate force or rubbing intensity which augments the relieving process. These devices can be used at home or office.

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What about Pharmaceutical Treatments?

In some cases, medical treatment becomes essential. Taking foot pain killers is not a bad idea. It is essential to see the condition of a foot injury. Painkillers are good if the pain is out of your control. There is no need to suffer hard with foot pain. Take the prescribed painkillers. It is recommended to see the doctor especially if you have medical conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes. Following categories are mostly used for the pharmaceutical treatment of foot pain.


This is a class of medication which is best for foot pain relief. The most famous drug in this class is Acetaminophen which brings down the pain. Remember, this medicine is not good for people who are regular users of alcohol. This drug mixes with alcohol and causes liver damage.

Topical Analgesics:

These are available in the form of gel, lotion, and cream. These topical analgesics are applied to the skin. After the application, the chemicals start penetrating into the skin which brings comfort against the mild foot pain. Commonly used products such as turpentine oil, eucalyptus oil, and menthol have excellent results in this matter. This is no considerable side effect reported. Most of the patients with minor foot pain can use these topical analgesics without any problem. However, it would be better to consult with your doctor especially if you have skin allergies. Advanced topical analgesics are also available nowadays. The biggest example of modern topical analgesics is substance P which is a simple neurotransmitter. This reacts with the signals reaching the brain to inform about the foot pain. These creams are based on natural ingredients so there is no risk of side effects.

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These are no steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs available at most drug stores with or without the prescriptions. It means that anyone can buy these medicines from the stores in case of foot pain. The most common examples of NSAIDs include ibuprofen, naproxen, and aspirin. Always start with a low dose drug especially if you have never used these medicines before. It would be great to get a prescription from your family doctor. He will check your medical history and other current conditions before writing the prescription to relieve foot pain. Only the doctors can decide the level of dose as they better know the circumstances. Taking NSAIDs is risk-free.

There is no significant risk associated with these drugs. However, people who have certain medical conditions especially cardiac, blood pressure or diabetes should take high care. They should see the doctor in order to take a decision about the NSAIDs and the level of dose. Side effects may occur if you ignore these points. Therefore, it is recommended to discuss the NSAIDs with your doctor before any step.

Is foot pain still present? Taking NSAIDs is expected to bring comfort within a few hours. However, you must visit the doctor again if the foot pain persists. The doctor will think of another treatment plan for foot pain relief.

COX-2 Inhibitor:

It is another kind of NSAID which is prescribed by the doctors for foot pain control. The most common example of the COX-2 Inhibitor is Celecoxib which is a pain reliever. It also minimizes the risk of bleeding in the gastric region and ulcers. Remember, these medicines have also had side effects so it is essential to talk to your doctor about these options. He will better describe the situation based on your medical conditions.

Opioid Analgesics:

These are also NSAIDs but these contain opioids. Codeine is a popular example which helps to bring comfort. This medicinal treatment is effective to minimize the intensity of foot pain. Remember, it is a strong pain reliever that’s it is essential to discuss with your doctor before using it. It controls the signaling system in the body. It blocked the foot pain signals to the injured foot feels comfort.

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Nerve Pain Medications:

many people used these advanced pain removers medications when all the treatments fail to produce comfort. It would be better to focus on the latest chemistry in order to have better outcomes. Antidepressant amitriptyline available as Elavil (Brand Name) has more benefits. Chemicals in this medicine connect with the brain and support hormone production. Specific hormones are helpful to lower the foot pain produced in a short time. This is how patients feel immediate relief. FDA approved the Pregabalin in 2004. This medicine is very effective to control the nerve pain.

Nerve Blocks:

This is an injection which is based on natural hormones. Scientists have identified specific hormones responsible to bring down the foot pain especially the nerve pain. These hormones synthesized in order to make commercial availability. The mode of action of these injections is similar to other medicines connecting with the brain to remove the foot pain.


These are available in synthetic form. These medicines are based on natural hormones generally produced by the adrenal glands. Both pills and injection forms are available in the markets. This medicine is effective to control the nerve as well as foot pain. The topical creams containing this substance are now also available. However, these creams are more effective for skin allergies rather than foot pain.


No doubt, ultrasound is not a drug but it is good for the treatment. Ultrasound is typical sound waves having a high frequency. These high-frequency waves are effective to minimize foot pain and inflammation. It also speeds up the healing process. It would be great to use the ultrasound technique to treat the injured tissues.

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Based on the discussion, it is clear that most of the techniques being used for nerve or foot pain are effective and simple. Treatment cost of these options is a debatable point. However, it always depends on the intensity of foot pain or an injury. There will be no need to use treatments multiple times if the injury is minor or treated timely. On the other hand, you will need to move towards expensive options several times. It is required to visit the physicians as soon as possible in case of severe foot pain.