All the researches are clear about this. Staying hydrated is one of the best routines of life that helps in healthy living. Here are the ways that your entire body and your brain will do better performance when you drink more water!

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Drink More Water – You will have added Energy:

All your cells need water for smooth working. “Water is essential for overall health,” says Dr. Ronald Navarro, an orthopedic sports medicine surgeon, California. “Not only do the cells contain water, but they cleanse in it. In the event of dehydration, the cell tissues become less permeable, which hinders the movement of the nutrients and hormones to cell and prevents it from eliminating waste. The cells then deteriorate throughout the body: it undermines your energy and fatigue sets in, according to an analysis of hydration research.

The requirement of water any person needs to drink more water to boost the energy? Dr. Navarro answers this question by citing the most universal recommendation: drink 6-8 glasses of 250 ml of water a day. This amount will vary according to the climate in which you live and according to your lifestyle. “Some adults may be able to absorb higher or lower amounts providing on their general health, illness or medication. It also depends on the physical exercise they do and the intensity of it. We must finally take into account the climate, that is to say, if it is dry and hot, “he explains. To find out exactly the quantity of water to drink more water every day, talk to the family doctor.

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Your Brain Will Work Better If You Drink More Water:

Water will improve your Memory:

Your brain needs fluids to function properly, starting with neurons and synapses. According to research, dehydration is the number one reliable indicators of the decline in mental performance and memory. Dr. Navarro explains that population surveys estimate that over 75% of North American people suffer from constant dehydration. This number worsens during the summer. “We see an increase in dehydration during the summer period and fall season when the temperature is normally higher and people are sweating more,” he asked every person. If you are worried about being dehydrated, read these indications of dehydration.

Drink More Water – Your Concentration Will Increase:

Drinking more water will help you to have a better concentration.

Do you find that you are not attentive? Your mind is elsewhere even if you make an effort to focus on the ongoing task? Drink a bigger glass of water and notice the result. Several pieces of research published to explain that even mild dehydration harms brain processes and decreases concentration. Like sleep, a healthier diet and indoor or outdoor exercise, water is an essential need of the human body. In reality, our body contains a large amount of water that it is normal to have to fill it, to clean it and to feed it.

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Drink More Water – You will be Faster and Stronger:

Do you feel bored in training, even if you have not done it the day earlier? But be aware that these difficulties or pains you have in lifting a weight or running an extra mile could be the result of dehydration, not a lack of the strength. Research shows that a drop in the hydration level of just 2% can take away strength and enthusiasm while increasing your feeling of fatigue. Specialists say if we drink the right quantity of water, our muscles relax, which increases our energy and performance.


Drink More Water, it Will Help You Control Your Weight:

Do you have ice cream late night or a few chips; even if you know it’s not a good idea?

Instead of believing that you have a hollow, tell yourself that you are thirsty. Nutritionist points out that all too often people thirst for hunger. If you swallow water rather than junk food, you will feel satiated. “Good hydration can suppress appetite and help you lose weight or better control your weight,” he notes.

Drink More Water to Regulate Your Digestion:

Your digestion returns regularly

There are not an optimal number of times of passage to the saddle. But know that your intestinal transit is indicative of your state of health. If the regularity is not your lot and you often think bloated, it would be a good idea to drink more water often. “In people who take enough water, intestinal transit is usually set like a clock. Constipation might be a reason that you are not drinking enough, “says Dr. Navarro.

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Drink More Water for skin Glow and Radiant:

When you have a facial or a massage, do you know why the beautician or therapist recommends that you drink water rather than champagne? This is because good hydration is beneficial to the skin; it can lighten it and make you look younger. (To smarten your skin, follow these tips.) “The skin, which is the biggest part of the body, needs water to make new healthy cells that help to glow skin. The skin needs water to regulate body temperature, “says Dr. Navarro. According to the research, human skin contains 30% water, essential to the elasticity and radiance of the skin.


Drink More Water Will Help You Cut Calories:

We are always going for easy ways to slice calories. In a new University of Illinois study of more than 19,000 adults, subjects who increased their water intake by 1-3 glasses a day (in addition to the 4 they were already drinking) absorbed 205 fewer calories. We can easily say, if you drink more water, like two extra glasses of water a day, you could lose 1 kilogram (2 pounds) in a month, without dieting and without additional exercise!

According to sports nutritionist, if you are drinking before each meal and during meals, you feel fuller faster, which displaces the craving and need to extra calories. It’s the same thing if you choose foods that contain a lot of water. Many vegetables and fruits have high water content; they provide you with extra milliliters. Dr. Cardone particularly recommends cucumber, watermelon, tomatoes, cherries, and grapes.


Your Hydration Will Help You In The Practice Of Your Sport:

You will be less hot during the exercise.

“In training, perspiration cools our body,” says Dr. Navarro. By sweating, we lose needed liquids to the body. If we do not replace them, we become dehydrated. We then perspire less, and we cool less, which can lead to heat stroke. When it’s very hot, it’s important to recognize the signs of heat stroke. To stay easily hydrated during exercise, adopt the trendy SMITH + STARR solution. Co-founders Chelsea Alexander and Fallyn Smith have created a bag that contains a water pocket so they can drink more water easily when they travel to San Francisco, or go hiking and camping. Their shoulder bag, The Conway, is the first of its kind. This is a carry-on bag for training or meeting friends that contains a removable pocket that you can fill with 500 milliliters (17 ounces) of water; the suction tube is in the shoulder strap.


Drink More Water, You Will Be In a Much Better Mood:

It’s enough to be 1% or 2% below the optimal level of hydration for our mood to feel, according to research from the University of Connecticut. At this level of dehydration, you may not even feel thirsty, yet the mood of the women participating in the study soured; their risk of having headaches and fatigue has increased. Drink more water recommends Dr. Navarro. If you’re tired of drinking plain water, switch to sparkling water or flavored water. Sparkling water has the same properties as regular water and adding fruit to water can improve taste.