7 Simple Tips to Drink More Water Every Day and Improve Your Health K

If you are trying to drink more water, you introduce small pieces of fruit or scented herbs with water to give it taste and make consumption more pleasurable. You can gradually alternate with natural water.

I am sure that you have thought several times yourself that you should drink more water every day and that you have not kept pace?

This simple practice will help you to avoid lots of health problems, as well as for preventing diseases.

Discover below 7 simple tips to drink sufficient water on a daily basis without effort.

Drink More Water and Improve Overall Health:

If you planned to drink an enhanced quantity of water, you are on the right track. I am sure that you are already aware that this habit will help you to improve overall health and make you act in a positive way.

  • Improve the function of the kidneys.
  • Relieves inflammation and pain, especially in neck and knees.
  • Will make our skin and our hair look better.
  • We will fight constipation.
  • Will help reduce swelling and water retention.

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1. Always Carry Your Water Bottle with You:

Always carry your water bottle with you to drink more water.

Our first tip is to remember for drinking water and get used to. For this, always carry a bottle of water with you and keep filling during the day.

This water bottle will accompany you wherever you move, so you could drink at regular intervals and in the most convenient way.

Put yourself in the mood of those who always carry their bottle of water for the day.

2. Try to add Ice and Lemon:

If you find it difficult to drink water for the reason that you don’t like the plain taste and instead you are habitual to other drinks such as juice, coffee or soft drinks, you will have to go through some sort of detoxification process and get used to your body drinking more water and to love it.

An excellent way to start with flavored ice cubes or lemon, and you may include some pure juice of any fruit to change the taste without additional calories.

Gradually you try to combine lemon with water alone.

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3. Give a little Taste to the Water:

Give the water a little taste to drink more water.

Another option for making water more attractive is flavored water.

This involves macerating fruits, flowers or herbs in water for a few hours before eating.

The effect is very visual and we get drinks with a very light taste that will help us drink more easily, or even convince others to try our original drinks.

4. Set Reminders or Install water Apparatus:

If despite these tips it is difficult for you to remember and drink water at regular intervals during the day, we offer you a handy way out. Set alarms and reminders or install water apparatus.

They will certainly help you drink regularly, instead of drinking too much at once.

A small note at your working desk, the fridge, on the room side tables or repeated reminders on your phone will assist you to integrate this habit into your daily life. After some time, you will not need to use any reminder.

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5. Exercise:

Exercise to drink more water.

It will help you to cover the loss through increased perspiration of your body to be thirstier.

And the best way to sweat is to practice an intensive sport at least twice a week.

With a session of sport, it is probable that we increase our consumption of half-liter or liter and without effort because the body will seek for it.

Outdoor sports are also a great option. By always being accompanied by Coldest Bottle.

6. Drink at the Right Time:

For drinking water has medicinal properties as we have stated, we must always start on an empty stomach.

  • The most important moment is fasting, when we have just got up and have not eaten yet.
  • We can drink at that moment, little by little, 2 or 3 glasses of water in small sips.
  • We will drink the remaining amount of water during the morning and afternoon.
  • If we have problems getting to sleep, we will have to avoid drinking at dusk.

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7- Your Hunger is Actually Thirst:

Drink more water when you’re hungry.

Do you notice that we feel a desire to eat while it is not the hunger but we mix it with the sensation of thirst? You can do the test.

When you feel hungry between the meals, drink and wait for a few minutes. After that, you will not feel hungry. By this way, you will not only drink more water but also control the weight by not eating impulsively.

Drinking a glass of water 30 minutes before eating can help us to eat less.