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We created the COLDEST VIP Group back in 2019 with the goal to get closer to you, our customers. We value you're input, whether you love a product or hate it, we want to know so we can make it better.

From sneak peaks, to the latest products dropping, to having a say in what comes next, to giveaways, and getting a first hand look at behind the scenes like never before.

You'll even be able to meet & chat with the founders David and Joe on a daily basis on how we can improve the world of COLDEST.


Access to the founders Dave and Joe

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Meet 20,000+ other coldies

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What is Tier 2?

Invite only.

The best of COLDEST Ambassadors. COLDEST Tier 2 is an exclusive invite which unlocks three free gifts. Thank you for being a coldie & apart of our brand!

Tier 3

Invite only. (Coming soon)

Not much is known about Tier 3.

Legend has it that you will receive drops before they drop and be the first to promote them.