Sleep Chill and Wake up Cool with the Coldest Mattress

Health experts usually recommend 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every day for a fit body and a productive routine. But that isn’t as easy as it sounds, as a lot of people are unable to get sound sleep due to various factors like stress, bad diet, and more. One such factor is heat.

We all like our beds cool and keep turning the pillows to rest our faces on the cooler side. Sadly, once you spend more than 10 minutes on a bed, it no longer stays cool and soon warms up due to the heat of your body. This is, more often than not, the fault of your mattress. Most of the mattresses designed to be soft and ergonomic, but most of them are duds when it comes to keeping the heat out. If that’s the root cause of your discomfort, the Coldest Mattress is what you need.

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The Coldest Mattress, Literally

This mattress is developed by the same company that makes the Coldest Bottle to keep water ice cold for more than 36 hours. So, you have the assurance that the Coldest Mattress will work as advertised, dispersing and dissipating the heat from your bed actively all night long. It is the first mattress designed specifically for coldness. The mattress achieves this with the help of the company’ trademarked Coldest Fusion Weave technology that is unlike any other in the mattress market.

Better Than Gel

Gel mattresses are advertised to keep the bed cool and solve the heat problem found in memory foam mattresses. However, the gel wears out over the years, thus leaving you with a choice to either spend more money on a new mattress or sleep hot. That’s not the case with the Coldest Mattress, as the effect of the Coldest Fusion Weave technology lasts longer, thus providing complete value for your money.

Designed for Maximum Comfort

For all those who have back problems ranging from a slight tension in the back to a bad backache, the Coldest Mattress is the solution. It comes with the trademarked RIDGE airflow system that not only keeps the heat out through proper dispersion. Also provides a perfect ergonomic surface to keep your back comfortable all night.

The Coldest Anti-Heat Dispersion Layer keeps your back sweat-free so that you sleep like a baby and wake up in the morning, fresh as a flower. On average, we spend one-third of our lifetime sleeping, and no one likes sleepless nights due to warm mattresses.

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Trusted by Thousands

With more than 5000 genuine customer reviews across its product line, the company surely has hit the right spot. The Coldest Mattress featured in New York Magazine, Business Insider, Parade, and more. Developed by engineers with over 20 years of industry experience, and the mattress comes in all the popular sizes. You can get the mattress to your home without the hassle of going to any mattress shops. If you don’t satisfied with the results, you also have the option of returning the mattress, which is highly unlikely.

So if you’re one those people who don’t compromise on sleep. If you hate waking up in the middle of the night on a warm bed, the Coldest Mattress is the way to go for deeper sleep.