These brushes are so handy! I am actually enjoying washing my bottles and cups. As an additional bonus, if you have a juicer or cold press, this brush is really phenomenal at helping to clean the small places of it. The really large brush head a fairly stiff bristles that easily get inside the cylinder of the juice press, cleaning out all the little seeds from tomatoes and really tiny kiwi seeds. I am so much happier using my larger appliances knowing they will be easily cleaned. The thin brush I use for cleaning my straws for my reusable borosilicate drinking bottle. I have to send it though each end as the bottle is large but I don’t mind that a bit.

I keep my brush hanging on the inside of the cabinet under the sink. Its a really long brush so it may not fit completely in your kitchen drawers so using the hook to attach the individual brushes and storing them together may save you some drawer space and keep the brush handy for access as you wash the dishes in the sink. To wash the brush I actually just put it in the top rack of our dishwasher and run it. Baddaboom. Presto, my life is clean. Time to eat something.

This brush is geat and if I could do anything to improve it, it would be that it were completely silicone coated to deter bacteria growth and prevent any chemical leakage. I may also have put a more robust hook on the end to keep them all together during storage.

Review By Dave and Sarah on September 10, 2016

September 21, 2016 — Shopify API